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Ladies and gentlemen, as we prepare for take-off, please turn off all electronic devices.
What’s that?
Why do we have to turn off our electronic devices?
Because they can interfere with the plane’s navigation.
Oh, okay.
So anyway
What’s that?
How do they interfere with the plane’s navigation?
Ohh... Because the electronic signals can interfere with the signals between the plane and the radio tower on take-off and landing.
Oh, okay! Got you! That makes sense. Thank you!
Okay! Ahh, let’s all make sure that our seats are fully upright...
Wait. I mean I get why I can’t have a radio or whatever. But how’s my Kindle gonna screw things up?
That’s a good question.
It’s not just about radios. All devices have an electromagnetic field that can interfere with the radio frequencies.
Ohhhokay. That’s good.
Alright. Please make sure that all tray tables are
Wait, so youre saying that a 90 million dollar aircraft can’t ignore the signal from my 40 dollar iPod shuffle?
That’s weird.
She’s right! That is weird.
Yeah, now I’m confused again.
If theyre so dangerous, why do you allow devices on the plane and not…I don’t know... gels?
Yeah! Could I hold this plane hostage with my 3DS?
Some devices are more dangerous than others, but there isn’t enough time to go through them one by one.
I mean how come the plane doesn’t interfere with my phone?
Why don’t the other phones interfere with my phone?
I just always leave my phone on and nothing happens.
You can’t! Everybody no! All electronic devices have to be turned off!
I can’t turn off my pacemaker.
Oh your pacemaker is fine.
Just opens up a whole new can of worms.
Yeah yeah I agree
Airplanes are magic!!!
Okay? No one knows why you have to turn off your phones. And you wanna know why?
Because no one knows how an airplane works!!!
A couple of dumbos down in Kitty Hawk took some sticks and some old pants and they glued them together and they fucking flew!
And no one knows why.
I thought the wings generated lift?
No! Scientists want you to think that they figured it out but no one has ever figured it out and now were just rocketing through space on a 30 ton dumpster running on God knows what magic!
And you guys wanna just dig around with that?!
I mean who knows what can fuck this shit up! Okay??!!!
So turn off your Twitter machines for just 13 minutes while we soar through the clouds like the Sun God Apollo.
And just read your fucking skymalls!!! OKAY???!!!
My sister is pregnant!



超好奇!為什麼飛機上不能使用手機? Why Can't You Use Phones on Planes?

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Got you!0:29
get 有很多意思,像是得到、付錢買東西等,這裡解釋成是「理解;收到;聽到」。Got you 的意思是「我明白了」,因為理解是已經結束的動作,所以通常我們都會用過去式,年輕人會比較俏皮一點的用法是 Gotcha ,字尾的 a 唸短音的「阿」,聽起來會像是「嘎恰!」。另外, I got you 還有「我騙到你了」的意思,用法可以參考下方的對話:

A: I broke up with my man last night.
B: Really? So do you want to hang out with me tonight?
A: I’m just kidding. Haha, I got you!
B: Gotcha...
A: 我昨天晚上跟我男朋友分手了。
B: 真的嗎?那你今天晚上要不要跟我出去約會?
A: 我開玩笑的,哈哈,騙到你了吧。
B: 我懂了…

Kindle 是亞馬遜出的「電子書閱讀器」,用戶可以透過網路購買電子書,然後下載到 Kindle 裡離線閱讀,有點像現在流行的 iPad,只是它主要的功能是閱讀電子書。kindle 當動詞用的時候有「點燃;引發想像」的意思,所以當你用 Kindle 看書時,它也會 kindles 引發你的想像力,是不是很有趣呢!

gel 是「(用於洗髮或沐浴的)凝膠;乳液;髮膠」,gel 的念法類似 jail 「監獄」。目前的飛機管制禁止人民帶超過 100ml 的乳液、化妝品類的上飛機,所以影片中才會提到 gels 。沐浴乳是 shower gel ,洗髮乳則是 hair gel 。另外,gel 當動詞用時是「抹上髮膠」的意思。

E.g., He shaved his hair on the sides and gelled on top.


【TED】瞬間止血凝膠 Joe Landolina: This gel can make you stop bleeding instantly

Just opens up a whole new can of worms1:34
worms 是「蠕蟲」,open up a whole new can of worms 就是「打開一整罐的蟲子」,釣客常常會用蚯蚓或是小蟲拿來當釣餌,但如果一次把整罐打開的話,蟲子就會亂爬出來,弄得到處都是,所以被引申為「招惹麻煩;沒事找事」。

E.g., We have finally reached a conclusion, so please don’t ask another question to open a new can of worms.

dig around with2:17
dig 是「挖掘」,dig around with a thing 就是在某件事周圍不停地挖掘,引申為「(對某個問題)追根究柢;緊咬不放」。另外,dig 還有其他有趣的片語唷:

dig your heels in: (不顧他人的勸說)一意孤行;堅持己見
dig into your pocket: 掏腰包
dig yourself into a hole: 使自己陷入困境
dig your own grave: 自掘墳墓

Sun God Apollo2:33
Apollo 源自希臘語,是希臘神話中的阿波羅太陽神,所以才會在前方加了 Sun 。傳說中他是最美麗的神祇,也十分多才多藝,是男性之美的象徵。同時,因為他住在天上的宮殿裡,阿波羅也是「飛翔」和「太陽」的象徵,人類第一次登陸月球的計畫就是以「阿波羅」來命名唷!


阿波羅12號的月球之旅 The Incredible Journey of Apollo 12





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