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Okay, just get up on that podium.
Alright! I am here. That was easy. Now I just need a...
Oh my gosh! How many people are in the audience? A hundred?
A thousand ? Don't count. Ok. I can do this and focus on my notes.
What do I have written down again? Uh.. Hello, my...
Okay, if this sounds like your worst nightmare, you're not alone.
Actually, you are one of the estimated seventy percent of the
population that has an intense fear of public speaking.
And that's okay, because on today's Wellcast, we've got our Triple-P method
that will get you through and get you calm during that next oral report,
and keep your breakfast where it belongs, you're ready?
Many polls list public speaking as the most commonly reported phobia among Americans.
It's called Glossophobia, meaning literally, fear of the tongue.
A study by Texas Christian University
tested forty eight women and forty eight men enrolled in a public speaking class
and found that those who exhibited high-trait anxiety
had the most physical symptoms of distress when speaking publicly.
So, what if you're the kind of person whom any bit of social acrobatics
is tantamount to entering a lions den?
Hey, calm down! Ok, I'm just kidding, but seriously, calm down, alright?
We've got our Triple-P method
that'll get you through that next public speaking gig.
Pause and print this wellcast worksheet.
Step 1: Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!
We said it three times because it's that important.
There are two things that are going to be prepared.
Number one, knowing your subject backwards and forwards!
Two, knowing exactly how you gonna present it step-by-step.
In your Wellcast worksheet,
write down the major points that you want to get across to the audience.
Get the ideas out of your head and onto the paper.
And the next column to the right.
Start ordering these points in a logical manner,
arguing your points to the audience,
and wanting them over as like a boxing match.
First, start with some fancy footwork.
A fact or an anecdote that will hook the audience in
and get them to pay attention to you.
Then, throw a couple of swings supporting evidence for your arguments stance personal stories,
something that will start to convince the audience that you're taking control.
And finally the knockout. A landing blow, a statement that's memorable,
convincing, and sums up your speeches position.
Alright, step 2: posture and physicality a key.
Part of keeping your anxiety obey.
What giving a speech is knowing what to do with your body.
Before your speech, avoid large meals and dairy products which will make you
feel like you need to clear your throat incessantly.
Bring a bottle of water on stage if you're allowed.
Don't be afraid to take sips throughout your speech, it will keep your voice natural.
And it gives you a moment to pause and regain your composure if needed.
Stand naturally, not too stiff or slumped.
Good posture can help you breath and speak easier.
And it will let your audience know that you're calm and in control.
Step 3: Pander to your audience.
The best public speakers know how to work the room.
Don't be completely serious analyzing the occasion calls for it.
Don't read entirely off the cards. Keep a natural cadence and pace.
Throw a joke or aside in. It'll draw in a laugh.
If there's a silence, then turn that into a joke. Stay natural, self effacing,
and the audience will be on your side! Let's recap!
You rather face a poisonous reptiles than public speak, huh?
Well, follow the Wellcast tripple-P checklist.
Prepare extensively for your speech. Know your content backwards and forwards,
and figure out the absolute best way to present it and win over your audience.
Watch your posture and physicality. This includes everything
from standing naturally to breathing from your diaphragm.
And pander to your audience. Keep them in the palm of your hand,
and with easy demeanour, natural cadence,
and of course, jokes.
Tweet us at WatchWellCast. Email us at [email protected]
Or leave a comment down below. We'll see you next time.



公開場合演講如何展現自信?你需要這樣做!(Be a More Confident Public Speaker)

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Sunny Hsu 發佈於 2018 年 4 月 1 日    Teresa Chen 翻譯    Amber 審核


大家上台演講的時候會緊張嗎?這部影片提供了 3P 法則,教你如何克服緊張與恐懼,一起來看看吧!

phobia 的意思為「恐懼症」,幾種常見的恐懼症像是 acrophobia「懼高症」、trypophobia「密集恐懼症」、claustrophobia「幽閉恐懼症」、demophobia「人群恐懼症」、astraphobia「雷電恐懼症」。
What is your phobia? Most people have something they are really scared of.

拒絕另一半發生關係的 101 種方法 101 WAYS TO SAY NO TO SEX

dairy 的意思為「乳製的」,而 dairy cattle 即表示「乳牛」,dairy farm 則是「乳牛及奶製品農場」,還有 dairy product 就是「奶製品」的意思。dairy 這個字跟 diary 長得很像,別弄錯了唷!
Keep dairy to a minimum because most dairy products are high in saturated fat.

【廣告裁判精選】大便臭臭?噗噗麗給你無臭保證 (Girls Don't Poop - PooPourri.com)

3pander to3:07
pander to 的意思為「迎合」,常帶有負面意思,表示去迎合那些低俗、沒有品味的人,例如寫情色低俗的文章去取悅讀者,引發他們興趣以提高購買、閱讀量。
Forced by intense competition, the media has no choice but to pander to its readers.

recap 的意思為「重述重點」,跟 summary 不太一樣的是 summary 是整個「總結」,recap 則比較偏向「重點」,幫別人整理好邏輯架構,使人更清楚你的論點。
The teacher's doing a recap of today's materials.

5in the palm of your hand3:58
in the palm of your hand 就像抓在你的手掌心一般,意思為「完全掌控」,如果是對人,即代表緊緊控制住某人,讓他完全信服於你,而若是指事物,則表示這東西被你掌控在手中。
As a skilled speaker, he really knows how to put audience in the palm of his hand.


文/ Carol Chen




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