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Hi, I'm Craig. I eat popcorn like this.
This is Mental Floss video. Today I'm gonna answer Bradley Stein's big question.
How did eating popcorn become a custom at movie theaters?
Nowadays, movie theaters depend on popcorn. They earn about 85 percent of their profits
and forty percent of their total revenue from concessions. That was not always the case.
Today I'm gonna tell you how the tradition get started. Let's get started.
Popcorn is a snack in popularity in the US during the 19th century. It quickly became associated with
the places where it was sold like fairs and circuses. It's easy to make and transport for these events.
The first steam-powered popcorn maker was invented in 1885.
Eating popcorn in movie theaters, on the other hand, wasn't accustomed yet probably because
there wasn't movie theater. In 1907, there're around 5,000 Nickelodeon theaters in the US
which were often little spaces, the size of a storefront that showed moving pictures for 5 cents.
It became common for food vendors to set up shop near these theaters
so food was initially part of the movie going experience but that
changed when a bunch of huge classic movie theaters emerged in the 20's.
Typically signs posted saying no food allowed at the theaters and they didn't
sell food either. This was probably because the owners didn't want to deal
with messes in their fancy venues and they also hated fun. Plus, movie theaters
were inspired by actual theaters rather than places like the circus. Some of them
cost millions to build. It wasn't uncommon for them to have antique chandeliers,
marble columns, and expensive carpets. Popcorn and expensive carpet are
not friends. Me and popcorn aren't friends either because I eat it. You don't eat your friends.
By the 30's, some theater owners were allowing vendors to keep food stands
either inside or directly outside. One thing that probably helped
convince them to do this was that movies now had sound, so eating would no longer
be allowed distraction. Another big factor was the Great Depression, people could afford to
see a movie and then spend five to ten cents and a bag of popcorn. Plus, the theater
owners benefit financially from having popcorn vendors there because the
vendors paid them a daily fee. Even with a fee, vendors earned a lot of money quickly.
One of the earliest movie theater popcorn vendors was a woman
named Julia Breadon. The popcorn girl, has no one called her. She first started a
little stand at the Lynnwood theater in Kansas City but the early thirties, she
expanded her business to four theaters and started earning $14,400 annually
which is about $336,000 today. As I mentioned earlier, this was a great depressions, so
not everyone was profiting like Julia Breadon. Some movie theaters started closing
but many were able to stay open thanks to popcorn. They lower the cost of the
admission and started earning more through their own concession stands and so
A custom was born. Thanks for watching Mental Floss video which was made with
the help of all of these popped kernels. If you have a big question that you'd
like answered, leave them below in the comments. I'll see you next week.



長知識~為什麼在電影院一定要吃爆米花?(How did eating popcorn become a custom at movie theaters?)

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custom 在這邊是指「習慣」、「習俗」。
Giving red envelopes is a custom at Chinese New Year.

custom 加上 “s” 就是「海關」的意思,但是 customs 是一個單數名詞,後面的動詞要用單數。
Customs is an agency in a country responsible tariffs and for controling the flow of goods.

I hate going through customs because the customs officers always look mean.

custom 加上 er 就變成 customer 顧客,customer service 就是「顧客服務(客服)」。
Be nice to your customers and they will tip you well.

concession stand 指的是一般會出現在電影院、遊樂場或是看運動賽事的體育場賣食物飲料的地方,通常提供的是點心、飲料,如:熱狗、爆米花、薯條、可樂、雪碧等等,concession stand 有長型櫃檯,有許多窗口可以點餐。

diner 不是晚餐,bistro 也不一定是小酒館,11種用餐形式大搜密

fair 在這邊當名詞「園遊會」的意思,一般園遊會會有食物、遊戲,更大一點的還有遊樂設施,這邊介紹一下園遊會常出現的相關食物、遊樂設施單字。

popcorn 爆米花
cotton candy 棉花糖
hot dog 熱狗
corn dog 炸熱狗(熱狗外面加一圈麵團皮)
pretzel 蝴蝶餅
ice cream 冰淇淋

ferris wheel 摩天輪
carousel 旋轉木馬
pirate ship 海盜船

徵才博覽會的英文也用 fair 這個字,英文寫法有很多種,像是 job faircareer fairrecruitment fairrecruitment 有「招募」、「徵才」的意思。

Nickelodeon 尼克電影院是最早放映影片的室內空間,它的規模不大,門票五分錢,在1905到1915年非常興盛。Nickelodeon 這個字可以拆成 nickelodeon 兩部分,nickel 就是美國五分錢幣的名稱,而 odeon 是從希臘字 odeion 而來,最早指的是古希臘舉辦音樂劇、詩詞比賽、唱歌表演的建築物。

現在比較多人知道的 Nickelodeon 應該是尼可國際兒童頻道,大部分的人稱它 Nick,大家熟知的 SpongeBob SquarePants 海綿寶寶和 Dora the explorer 愛探險的 Dora 都是這個頻道的原創節目,在台灣 Dora 教小朋友學習英文,但是在美國 Dora 卻是教小朋友西班牙文。

5the Great Depression1:43
the Great Depression 經濟大蕭條或經濟大恐慌是指發生在第二次世界大戰之前,1929到1932年全球性的經濟衰退,是二十世紀持續時間最長、影響最廣、強度最大的經濟衰退。最起初是從美國開始,1929年10月29日「黑色星期二」,華爾街股市一夕崩盤,進而影響到全世界,銀行倒閉、民眾擠兌、工廠歇業、百業蕭條,美國失業率高達25%,有的國家甚至更高。

赫伯特‧胡佛總統在1929年美國經濟大蕭條的作為 (Hoover and the Great Depression)


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