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What's up, everybody? We did a video about Asian snacks,
and a lot of you guys liked it.
But let's get into something a little bit more organic.
That's really in right now.
Asian fruits!
Oh là là! Au naturel!
One of our first Asian fruits: Kumquats.
Usually you would peel the skin off an orange before you eat it,
Kumquats, you can actually just bite into 'em whole.
It's like the size of a grape but the texture of an orange.
Ok, kind of sour.
Normally, I don't eat kumquat on a regular basis,
but I do have it often in my boba.
Kumquat~ Stayquat~
Star fruit.
It's crazy to me how it's a perfect star!
It's like an alien tentacle
if the aliens attacked
and it would go into your brain like Puuu~
Whoa, snap, look at that! Aee!
Mama always told me I'd be a star one day.
It's like the Super Mario star.
And the stinkiest of them all, the infamous,
Durian is like the porcupine of the Asian fruit world,
it has a built-in defense mechanism.
For those of you who have had durian,
you know that it smells a lot worse than it tastes.
So what we had to do was bring in Vietnamese expert:
Are you ready?
One, two, three! (Vietnamese)
Oh, shi-, alien concoction!
This feels like ice cream right now,
like, It's kind of like creamy, like custard.
I might just have to, oh~
It doesn't taste like anything I've ever had.
It's sweet, it has kind of an aftertaste.
It's kinda like banana, custard,.
Fart banana pineapple custard?
But it's still good, though.
Asians eat weird things, but, it's so good.
Next stop, mangosteen!
I had this in Thailand, it's really good!
So mangosteen is a really awesome fruit
that's grown exclusively in Asia.
The leaves are so hard.
It's almost like comical
Almost feels fake, like, how hard it is.
You could like squeeze it or somethin'.
We got our, ugh, producer, Andrew here.
Give it for the queen, David!
The queen wants her mangosteen!
God save the queen!
Passion fruit.
A lot of you guys are familiar with the flavor of passion fruit,
but how many of you guys have actually seen a real passion fruit?
I don't know if we're cutting this properly.
Whoa~The guts...
Hold up, hold up...
You can see why they keep it a flavor!
I think they gave it a nice name
because they knew it looked really weird on the inside.
A little sour, there's a lot of juice and a lot of seeds.
I could really see this doing well in a smoothie or a drink.
Need some passion in your life? Get some passion fruit!
Just so you think that we're not wasting fruit,
we actually have a guy on the side.
named Tim,
who's eating all of the leftovers.
The word "longan" is actually in Cantonese, longan.
Longan means dragon eye.
It's really easy to get these confused with litchis,
but they're actually a little different.
I just remember eating these growing up
and just being like, yo, this taste hella Asian.
I'm open, I'm open!
Nah, I'm "Parmelo Anthony."
Ah, man! You never pass!
Basically, the pomelo is like the Asian grapefruit.
You can't hurt a pomelo's feelings, they got thick skin!
It's not as sour as a grapefruit, actually.
Dragon fruit!
This is a very expensive fruit, about eight .
Wooo~So pretty!
Really juicy, a lot of little seeds you could eat.
It actually has a very light taste.
It's not super sweet, it's not super sour.
It's really soft, actually.
It's really tender!
It can weigh up to like twenty pounds each, though
this one weighs about ten pounds.
And they make good jackfruit chips.
Wooo~Beautiful! Look at that!
Actually, I think we just cut it wrong,
it was supposed to be cut down this way.
I don't know if we're cutting it right at all.
Pull the meat out right here, that's crazy.
It's like an escape pod, just puu~
It's good! I like this, I like this a lot!
It's a little chewy, but I like it cause it's kind of like
a mango-ish, apple-ish? I don't know, it's good though.
Next stop, the Korean pear.
AKA, the 배 (in Korean)
The key to remember is the cellophane wrapping. This is huge.
The Western pear is actually a lot softer,
and this is actually really crunchy.
You're gonna get this or oranges for a dessert after a Asian meal.
We don't eat ice cream.
Refreshing! Hmm~
Next up, these little hairy creatures, rambutan.
Actually, it's the softest, kinda melts in your mouth.
Little tart, little tangy.
Kinda has a similar consistency of, like, mangosteen.
This is of the same family as litchi, and we were gonna to do litchi,
but it's out of season, so we couldn't get it.
Heart-shaped artichoke
Kinda reminds me of a mini durian.
Do not eat the skin or the seeds. They could be bad for you, people.
That's really sweet. Goodness, this is good!
I would say it's a mixture between a banana, a papaya, a pineapple,
all mushed together.
If you're used to eating a banana, this is a nice switch-up.
(Now you know your Asian fruits!)
I think we've consumed definitely our weekly allotment of vitamin C.
Most of these were new to me today.
I feel more Asian. Thanks, guys!
We hope that you saw some of your favorite fruits,
as well as some new fruits that you've never seen before.
Let us know which Asian fruits are your favorite,
which ones we left out, and what other Asian food topics you want us to cover.
Until next time, see you on:
Asian Meal Time.
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超好吃亞洲水果大集合,你不見得每種都吃過!(BEST ASIAN FRUITS!)

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李宣億 發佈於 2017 年 7 月 28 日    李宣億 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核



infamous 代表的是「無恥的、不名譽的、聲名狼藉的」。in- 這個字首的意思是「不、無、非」;而 famous 這個常見的形容詞在現今有「著名的、出名的」之意,但在比較舊的用法中有「極好的」的意思,也是 infamous 這個形容詞組成的來源噢!
Jack the Ripper was infamous for the murders he committed in London.

幾個與 infamous 有相似意思的形容詞包含:

notorious 惡名昭彰的、聲名狼藉的
The police finally arrested that notorious criminal today.

heinous 可憎的、兇惡的
Child abuse is a heinous crime.

disgraceful 不名譽的、可恥的、不體面的
How she acted at the formal party was disgraceful.

exclusively 是「專門地、排外地」之意,形容詞為 exclusive (排外的、獨佔的、獨家的),名詞則是 exclusion(排斥、排除在外)。
Today's event is held exclusively for the royals.

The reporter conducted an exclusive interview with rising actress Kate Simon.

Social exclusion is now becoming a serious problem in middle schools.

一個長的有點像的詞是 inclusively。它的意思是「包含地、含有地」,跟 exclusively 意思幾乎相反。in- 這個字首除了上面有寫到的「不、無、非」的意思之外,也有「之內、中」的意思。而 ex- 則是「移除、沒有」的意思噢!
The club is accepting members between the ages of 16 and 28 inclusively.

上班上課總是讓你昏昏欲睡嗎?不是你的錯!How Classrooms Slow Your Brain Down

3be familiar with2:11
be familiar with 是「熟悉」的意思。familiar 這個形容詞本身就有「熟悉的」的意思。
I am familiar with Taipei because I've lived here for five years.

be familiar withbe familiar to 有什麼差別呢?be familiar with 的主詞跟上面的例句一樣是「人」,但是 be familiar to 的主詞則會是「物」。
His voice wasn't familiar to me.

如果想要說「變得熟悉」,那就可以用 become familiar with 這個用法噢!
I became familiar with her after we worked on the final project together last semester.

tangy 這個字代表的是「(味道)強烈的、(香味)撲鼻的」,或是「有刺激性的」。tangy 通常帶有正面的意思,指的是味道很強很香。
That cinnamon apple pie has a heavenly tangy smell.


appetizing 開胃的、引起食慾的
The dish that Sasha brought over looks so appetizing that I just want to dig right in.

大家在餐廳 menu 上可能有看過的 appetizer 便是「開胃菜」的意思噢!

savory 美味可口的、香氣逼人的
The savory smell of the soup comes right out of the kitchen.

tasty 美味的、可口的
A tasty bowl of hot soup is what makes me feel better on cold winter days.

5out of season4:34
out of season 指的是「不當季的」,除了像影片中指蔬果不當季之外,也可以拿來指衣服過季噢!
I couldn't find watermelons in the market because they're out of season.

You should really get rid of those clothes. They're so out of season.

那相反的,in season 指的就是「當季的」。
Strawberries are in season right now. They shouldn't be difficult to find.

減少碳足跡 (How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint)





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