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On Mother's Day we tell our moms how much we love them.
There are some things that we don't ever tell them,
which is dishonest.
and that's not right
So to break those barriers down, we went out on the street today.
We asked people what is the biggest lie you've ever told your mom,
with their moms standing right next to them.
And with that said, please enjoy this special Mother's Day confessional.
What is the biggest lie you've ever told your mom?
Oh nooooooo.
What did I sign up for.
Me and my best friend used to sneak out,
and go to drag queen shows.
What's the biggest lie you've ever told your mom?
That I wasn't out all night doing drugs.
News to me.
High school.
What is the biggest lie you've ever told your mom?
Um, I love you.
What's the biggest lie you've told your mother?
Maybe that I didn't back into the neighbor's mail box.
Oh, I didn't know about that.
With her car.
My car?
What's one thing you've done that you've never told your mother?
I hit someone on accident,
and I got a citation.
Was it really by accident?
What's a lie that you've told your mom?
That I haven't taken her makeup...
and I took a lot actually.
What makeup have you taken?
I've taken some lipsticks, and some foundation.
- And? - And some powder.
- And? - And mascara, and some eye shadow maybe.
- And? - Blush, I took some blush from her too.
What's the biggest lie you've ever told your mommy?
Um, I steal it.
What did you steal?
Daddy's wedding ring.
What? Daddy's wedding ring.
Where did you put your dad's wedding ring?
Under my pillow.
Was your husband freaking out?
Yeah, we ripped the house apart.
We were looking for it.
We kept asking him.
And he didn't tell us until we bribed him with ice cream where it was.
So you did know where it was.
Are you lying right now?
Can I go pee now?
What's the worst thing you've done that you've never told your mom?
The first kiss.
Are you kidding me?
No, I'm not kidding.
That's not cool, dude.
Is he not allowed to kiss?
No, we're talking on the way home, yeah.
Was it worth it?
That's, no.
Now what's the biggest lie you ever told your mom when you are younger?
That I never smoked.
I used to take her cigarettes.
I used to light them on the stove in the kitchen and smoke them.
And then before she came home,
I used to put the fans on in the house and get the smoke out of the house.
You really stole my cigarettes.
Oh you? I thought she said I told… my mom. No, her mom.
Oh okay. F***. It's another lie.
Wait. Did we just uncover that you smoke?
What's the biggest lie you've ever told your mom?
That she looked good in a dress even though she didn't.
That was a low blow.
What are you gonna give your mom for Mother's Day?
Um, flowers.
Maybe a new dress.
Burn that one.
Very good. Thank you. Thank you very much.
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【吉米秀】你對媽媽說過最大的謊言是什麼? (What's the Biggest Lie You Ever Told Your Mom?)

89588 分類 收藏
Angela Hsu 發佈於 2017 年 10 月 9 日   Angela Hsu 翻譯   Kristi Yang 審核



1sneak out0:30
sneak out 是「偷偷溜走」的意思。sneaky 這個從 sneak 延伸出來的形容詞,指「鬼鬼祟祟的、暗中的」。
He sneaked out after curfew to go to a party.

The sneaky thief was able to steal a diamond without anyone noticing.

生活中也有不少地方會看到 sneak 這個字噢!小編在下面補充幾個給大家:

sneak peek 搶先看
I haven't finished editing the video yet, but I can give you a sneak peek.

sneak up on someone 偷偷地接近某人
George totally freaked out when Thomas sneaked up on him.

2freak out1:58
剛剛上面出現在例句中的 freak out 就是第二個重點的主角啦!freak out 這個用法是「嚇壞了、崩潰」的意思。
I freaked out when a bunch of cockroaches spilled out of the drawer.

freak 這個詞當名詞使用時可以表示「背離社會習俗的人、狂熱愛好者」。
Henry is a control freak. He gets angry when he doesn't have his way.

【生活撇步】八種舒緩焦慮的有效方法 (8 Anxiety Tips That Actually Work)

bribe 這個動詞指的是「賄賂、哄騙」。
He bribed his classmates into voting for him as prom king.

bribe 的名詞則是 bribery,意思是「賄賂、行賄」。
Bribery and corruption are practices that governments are trying to combat with legislation.

uncover 是「揭露、發現」的意思。這個字是由 un- 這個字首帶有否定意味,加上 cover (遮蓋、掩飾),就會變成「去掉遮蓋、去掉掩飾」,也就是「揭露」的意思啦!
The reporter uncovered the secrets of his success through the interview.

這邊小編幫大家補充一些跟 uncover 有相似意思的詞!

bring to light 揭露、公諸於世
Investigations into the incident finally brought the truth to light.

expose 揭露、揭發、使暴露於
Paul has the crucial piece of evidence that could expose her evil scheme.

reveal 揭露、洩露、展現
He'll reveal the secrets to his delicious recipe when we come back. Stay tuned!

【TED-Ed】傳說背後的科學 (The science behind the myth: Homer's "Odyssey" - Matt Kaplan)

5low blow3:17
low blow 原本是拳擊中的用語,指的是「拳擊比賽中打擊對方腰下的部位」。因為這樣是犯規的動作,所以現在衍生的意思是「卑劣的行動、攻擊」。
That's a real low blow. I'd never steal someone's idea.

Bringing up her miserable childhood experiences in an attempt to win sympathy from the voters was a low blow.

其實還有很多慣用語有 blow 這個字噢!小編在下面精選幾個給大家:

blow someone's mind 令人永生難忘、令人興奮
The band's live performance blew my mind. I'm a huge fan now.

blow one's chance 喪失機會
Tina blew her chance of getting the internship by arriving late to the group interview.

blow someone's cover 讓 (人) 穿幫、洩漏 (人) 的行蹤 /身份
I was trying to sneak into the classroom, but Valery blew my cover when she called out my name.

death blow 致命的打擊
The serious scandal he got himself involved with was the death blow of his career.

小編是買超貴的衣服跟媽媽說差不多兩百 XD

文/ Christine
編輯/ Primrose Huang




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