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Ten things you should never say to a girl:
I don't care if this is your girlfriend, or your wife, or just one of your friends,
there are just certain things that you cannot say to a girl.
So here we go!
Learn. From our. Mistakes.
"So when's the due date?"
I mean, never, ever, say anything about a girl's weight.
Even if you're saying something nice about it,
it'll most likely be taken like this:
Jordan: Wow! You've lost some weight!
"What are you wearing?"
Don't make disparaging comments about a girl's physical appearance.
Seriously, you could scar her for life.
"You're overreacting. You're probably just hormonal."
If anyone actually got away with saying this,
they did not live long enough to tell the tale.
This is essentially shutting a girl's thoughts down by telling her that she's insane.
What if someone did that to you?
Josh: And that's how I feel about it.
Kelly: Wow, that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Don't worry, it's not your fault,
you're just testosteronal.
"Girl, you look fine! Like, seriously good. Like, you are, it's-all-I'm-ever-going-to-talk-about hot."

It's fine to give a girl compliments on how she looks,
until you become that extremely creepy guy that everybody avoids.
BHK: You have the biggest eyes of any people.
Can I touch your hand?
I just did...Oops!
Wow, you have beautiful hair!
Oh my goodness...
Your eyes are like a deep blue ocean that I want to swim in...
You have a fuzzle on your shirt, hehe...
You have the cutest button nose!
"Are you sure you should be eating that?"
Guys are almost required to go back for seconds to maintain their manliness.
But if a girl goes back for seconds?
Well, she must be...
"Oh, yeah, my ex used to say that too."
Much in the same way that guys don't like being compared to other guys,
Do NOT compare a girl, to another girl.
Just stay on the safe side,
do not even mention another girl in the same sentence as the girl you're talking with.
It's not worth the risk!
YOLO: If your eyes were more blue, they would look like my ex!
When my ex dyed her hair, it looked just like this!
The only thing hotter than you, is my ex-girlfriend!
Just like my ex!
"Well, y'know, if you weren't so..."
Fellas, this is a slippery slope.
You think that you're the only one who's been keeping a record of wrongs?
I mean, you may very well be,
but 50% divorce rate says otherwise.
"Hey, is so-and-so single?"
This is roughly the equivalent of saying:
"Hey you! Oh, you...not so much..."
"But your friend over there, a real hottie!"
"And I, need hottie's number."
"I didn't really like you. It was probably just hormones."
This is the classic "guy strings girl along and then breaks it off and says it wasn't anything in the first place."
Not so fast, Buster!
Act like you're an adult!
Josh: Look, I know I said I loved you, but I wasn't really serious about it...
So let's just pretend it didn't happen, okay?
Kelly: Well, I guess that works out, I don't date 5 year olds anyway.
"Cramps? Oh yeah, I get those too sometimes. Just suck it up, you'll be fine."
The end.
Y'know, now that I think about it,
guy's think that girls are so overly sensitive,
and that's why they shouldn't say any of these things
but, if you really think about it,
Most of these things just boil down to the golden rule.
I guess girls just wanna be treated with kindness and respect
the way that we expect them to treat us!
Huh! Funny how that works!



十件千萬不能和女生講的事 (Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Girl)

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Caurora 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 11 日    Jade Weng 翻譯    Evangeline 審核



1disparaging 0:30
The Minister was alleged to have made disparaging remarks about the rest of the Cabinet.

The movie star issued a statement saying she was saddened her comments were taken to be disparaging.

2get away with 0:39
這個片語用來形容「做壞事而僥倖逃脫、蒙混過去,未受制裁或只受到非常輕微的處罰」,如果後面要接動詞來表示所做的壞事,要用 V-ing。
For such a serious offence he was lucky to get away with a fine.

Kevin got away with cheating in the test, while Klay was scolded.
Kevin 考試作弊沒被抓到,而 Kaly 卻被臭罵了一頓。

get away with murder 恣意妄為
Stop spoilng yor son! He is used to getting away with murder!

《空中救援》電影預告片 連恩尼遜主演 (Non Stop Trailer (HD) (English Subtitles))

3second 1:31
影片中的 second 並非我們熟知的「第二個;秒」的意思,而是另一個常見的用法,是指「吃第二輪、點第二份」,像是去吃自助餐時,吃完一盤再去拿「第二輪」。
Hey, don't waste food! You should finish off everything on your plate before going back for seconds.

4in the first place 2:38
You have no right to demand an apology from the company because you broke the rules in the first place.

Hank spent all our money and is broke now. We should never have agreed to lend him the money in the first place.
Hank 花光我們所有的錢,然後現在破產了,當初我們就不應該借錢給他。

in the first place 還有 「最根本的原因」的意思,這時候就會放在句首。
Tim won the prize for a lot of reasons. In the first place, he worked harder than anyone else.
Tim 能夠贏得這場比賽有許多因素。最根本的原因,是他比任何人都還要努力。

信不信由你,洗髮乳、化妝品真的有「毒」? The Story of Cosmetics (2010

5boil down to 3:07
boil 這個單字本身指「煮沸、燒開」,所以 boli down to 從字面上可以想像成「煮一鍋湯煮到水都乾了,就能看見鍋底的東西是什麼」,因而衍伸出「歸根結底、總而言之」的意思,通常用來說明形勢或問題的「主要原因在於...」 或「歸結為...」。

例如:你和朋友在討論一個問題, 最後你要下結論時就可以說 "So that's what it boils down to…" 來表達你的想法。
Most of the crimes boil down to one thing - lack of money.
大部分犯罪行為的主要原因歸根究柢都是因為 - 缺錢。

We didn't fight a lot, but when we did, it seemed to always boil down to the same issues.

發人深省!印度女孩唱出印度女性一生的恐懼 ("A Brown Girl's Guide to Gender" - Aranya Johar (Women's Day Special)


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