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You know what I love?
Oh my god!
Hi five, girl!
Yes, self-esteem is great, but even more than that
I love hanging out with my homies.
So when I go on Facebook and I see that they have all hung out without me,
I get sad.
Sometimes my feelings of being left out are totally justified.
Why wasn't I invited to the family reunion?
And sometimes they're not.
Why wasn't I invited to your bachelor party?
You're not a dude.
I get so worried about being like excluded from something or forgotten about
that sometimes I try to pre-emptively get myself invited into things.
Oh yeah, I heard about this really cool place in Malibu where you can do Go-karts.
Oh my god! That sounds like so much fun!
We should do, we should all go together like, as friends
and hang out and do that.
Let's do it!
Why don't we put it on the books right now?
Like I have Tuesday night free,
what about you guys?
Get out your phones.
Look at your schedules.
Let's make a plan!
But then I realize how stupid this is
because none of my friends are gonna intentionally exclude me from anything.
Like if they don't invite me maybe they just don't think its my jam
or maybe it was a mistake.
I know these things can happen,
people just forget.
'Cause I forgot 2 days ago.
I was throwing a party and my friend heard about it and messaged me
and she was like, "Hey, I heard you were having this party and I'm not invited.
Totally understand if you don't want me there
but I think you just forgot about me?"
And she was right.
I totally did and I felt so bad and I apologized and invited her
but it kind of change the way I think about it, you know.
I was like oh
now instead of feeling sad and left out when people forget to invite me to things.
I'm just going to plan as many activities as possible,
so then I'm constantly hanging out with people as much as I can stand them.
Is this good advice?
I don't know,
but it's really working for me right now.
I'm Anna Akana.
Stay awesome goth(am)....
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you can learn anywhere you want,
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If you do that of your household because yas girl
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the American dream and the untold story of the black women mathematicians,
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The story of how they overcame their struggles is like
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as a woman.
So you can go ahead and try Audible.com/Anna for a free 30 day trial and a free Audiobook.
Yas, yas!
That is Audible.com/Anna.
Yas, girl!
bye, girl!



當你在親朋好友的 po 文發現只有你沒被揪的時候... (When you're not invited)

51821 分類 收藏
韓澐 發佈於 2017 年 9 月 19 日   Viola 翻譯   Sabrina Hsu 審核


小編人生不能沒有 Facebook 跟 Instagram,每天都要滑滑滑,看看大家在做什麼,深怕錯過與朋友的連結,所以看著 po 文、默默在家流眼淚、幻想著朋友開心的場景,是絕對經歷過的 > < 小編也懂 Anna~~~

esteem 可以當作動詞或名詞,在這裡是當名詞用,意思為「尊重、尊敬」,所以 self-esteem 就是「自尊心」。esteem 通常搭配 hold 一起使用,hold someone in high/great esteem 意思為「非常尊敬某人」。
People held those warriors in high esteem because of their triumphant return.

esteem 當作動詞用時有兩個意思,一個是「尊敬、尊敬」,和 respect 意思相同。
The King was highly esteemed by people for his wisdom and benevolence.  

Not only did colleagues like to work with Andy, the manager also esteemed him a trustworthy person.

讓你一秒變瘦子!PS神奇瘦身術!(Women Photoshop Their Own Bodies On An App)

bachelor 在這裡指的是「單身男子」,影片中所提到的 bachelor party 就是男生的「告別單身派對」(辦在婚禮前夕,為新郎舉行且只有男性朋友可以參加),也可以稱作 stag night。而 bachelorette party 則是女生的「告別單身派對」,也可以稱作 hen night 或 wedding shower。
「舉辦」party 的這個動詞,通常使用的是 give/have/throw/host/hold。
Judy is going to throw a bachelorette party for Amy this Friday, and she has already invited lots of friends to join.
Judy 即將在這週五替 Amy 舉辦單身派對,她已經邀請許多朋友一起參加。

farewell party 告別派對、歡送會
pajamas/slumber party 睡衣派對
costume/fancy dress party 變裝派對
housewarming party/kitchen shower 新居落成派對
baby shower 為準媽媽(寶寶出生前)所辦的派對

Bachelor 的另一個意思是「學士」學位,而碩士學位是 Master,博士學位則是 Doctor,這些字通常使用大寫。
B.A. = Bachelor of Arts 人文社會領域的學士
B.S. = Bachelor of Science 理工科學領域的學士
M.B.A. = Master of Business Administration 工商管理/企業管理碩士
E.M.B.A. = Executive Master of Business Administration 高階管理碩士

受不了!你會遇到的六種怪獸室友 The Six Monsters You'll Have As Roommates

3it's my jam0:56
這裡的 jam 指的不是吃的果醬喔!而是美國口語中「喜歡的歌曲或事物」。
A : I heard a great song in the restaurant yesterday. I'll play the music for you.
B : Oh! This is my jam! I always sing it in the karaoke bars .
A : 我昨天在餐廳聽到一首很棒的歌耶!我放給你聽。
B : 噢!這是我最愛的歌!我每去KTV必唱。

4hang out0:44
hang out 是很實用的片語,朋友之間也常常使用,意思是「出去玩、晃晃」。如果兩個字連在一起 hangout 就是名詞,意思是「經常去的地方、住處」。
A : Wanna hang out with me tonight?
B : Sure! Let's check out that new bar!
A : 你今晚要不要跟我出來玩?
B : 好啊!我們去那家新開幕的酒吧!

hang 還有一些常用到的片語
hang on 稍等一下(常在電話中使用)
(on the phone)
A : My phone number is 0912……
B : Oh, please hang on. I'll jot it down.
A : 我的手機號碼是 0912......
B : 噢請稍等一下,我把它抄下來。

hang in there 撐著點
Hang in there! You'll finally overcome the difficulties.

hang by a thread 千鈞一髮、情況危急
After the car accident, her life was hanging by a thread.

hang on someone's every word 非常專注地聽某人說的話
The speaker is a professional in marketing, so students hung on his every word throughout the speech.

【移動迷宮2: 焦土試煉】最新熱門電影預告片!(Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials)

不過長大之後,越來越享受獨處的時光,也常常當主揪的人,這樣也不用擔心會被漏掉了!(不過揪人有時候真的就像 Anna 一樣,可能會不小心忘掉某位朋友,超不好意思的啦!)

文/ Vicky Lee




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