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You know, honesty is something that we often regard as a good thing, right?
We want our friends to be honest,
Anna: What do you think. Is it too much?
Kelly: That outfit should be burned.
Because it's so lit!
We want our partners to be honest.
Anna: Kelly, um, I want to tell you something. Ugh, I'm so nervous.
I've never said this to anyone before, but.
I love you.
Kelly: Oh my god. Anna, are you serious?
Anna: Yes!
Kelly: Oh my god, thank you!
I don't love you, but,
You're great.
Anna: [quietly] Okay.
But sometimes when people are speaking their truth, it feels cruel.
I was at a gals dinner when a friend said to me,
Kelly: Anna, don't get too drunk. You're a loud drunk,
and I don't want to have to move.
And, I mean she's not wrong!
When I get drunk I get really loud,
I mean to my credit, most people do,
but it felt so mean to me in the moment, even though I know
she wasn't trying to hurt my feelings, because it was like
what was I supposed to say? You know, how was I supposed to react?
There was no way for me to continue the night without just
sitting still, and shutting up, and feeling
like I can't have fun. And it made me wonder.
Where is the line between being honest and being mean?
I mean does it lie in a person's intention 'cause I had a guy say to me, verbatim
Guy: Yo, do you like to take a shit before
I ate you out yesterday, 'cause your pussy smelled like shit.
And that is by far, the cruelest fucking thing
anyone has ever said to me in my entire life.
Especially 'cause he knew I had issues with like letting people go near my vagina,
it was like, weird, and it's vulnerable, and it's scary,
So I was like, why would you say that to me?
And he genuinely didn't think he was being mean.
He thought that he was being honest and straightforward,
and that I would appreciate that.
Guy: What? I'm just being honest.
Isn't that what people do when they fall in love?
Now, we have all kinds of stupid horrible thoughts every day.
But that doesn't mean we should articulate every single one of them.
I mean, every time I have a knife in my hand, I think,
[voiceover] Wow, I could just go crazy and stab all of them right now.
And what would they do ? I could just take each of them down.
I mean, I won't 'cause I love them
But I totally could, their lives are in my hands, I could just stab and slash
and just blow them all away. Hmm.
But it's not like I'm gonna "be honest" and tell a bunch of people that.
Guys, isn't it crazy that I could just like, kill all of you right now?
Like, for real though. Like, none of you have any weapons,
I could just sprint at you Mary, and slit your throat,
[giggling] and stab you in the heart, Jenny,
and just like, slash at Kaitlyn,
and then rip Melissa's face off, like [laughs]
[laughing] And like, what would you do? A bunch of you would die.
Maybe sometimes we're using honesty as an excuse to be an asshole.
And I'm definitely guilty of this for sure, for sure I have done this.
But I genuinely want to stop. Like I don't ever want to unnecessarily hurt someone's feelings,
just because I feel like I have the right to be straight up with them.
And vice versa, if people are being honest with me,
I would hope that it comes from like a place of love like
someone's telling me that I'm probably dating someone abusive, or that, I'm maybe becoming an alcoholic
I don't want someone to tell me that in their opinion
I've done something wrong. Because my vagina did not smell like shit
and if it did, God forbid, you don't frickin say that to me.
So I encourage you to think about all the times that you've been honest,
and ask yourself, were you actually just being mean?
Are you ever honest when it's hard, when you have to tell someone
a truth that maybe they don't wanna hear, and you don't wanna tell them,
not just something that you don't like.
I'm Anna Akana, stay awesome Gotham.
Also, thank you so much to Kelly for being in today's video,
You can check out her channel here, she uploads every day, and is a kawaii ambassador.
Thanks Kelly!
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誠實跟嘴賤只有一線之隔 (中英字幕) (Honesty isn't an excuse to be an asshole (w/Kelly Eden))

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韓澐 發佈於 2017 年 7 月 19 日   Hannah Tseng 翻譯   Kiara 審核



1regard something as0:02
regard sth/sb as sth 的意思是「將...視為...」
We regard doves as a symbol of peace and love.

除了 regard sth/sb as sth 之外,regard 這個單字還有哪些片語呢?
in this regard 的意思是「就這方面而言」
In this regard, I feel fairly satisfied.

In this regard the survey shows that over 50% of students would buy an app recommended by the educational institution.
就這方面而言,調查顯示超過 50% 的學生會購買經由教育機構推薦的 app 程式。

TED-Ed:捕捉真實的故事 (Capturing authentic narratives - Michele Weldon)

issue 在這裡是「困擾」的意思,issue 同時也可以表示為議題、問題,現在讓我們來看看 issue 還有什麼其他用法吧!

issue 作為名詞時,有具爭議的議題的意思,可以是人們談論、爭論的話題,也可以是生活中的困擾,在寫作時特別好用!
In our last class, we debated the controversial issue of the death penalty.

The most serious issue is the cost.

issue 作為動詞時,有分配的意思,若是在股票市場,issue 指的是發行,如 issue shares 發行股票、 issue bonds 發行公司債。

另外,如果我們要表達「不喜歡某人或某事」可以用 have an issue with sb/sth 這個片語。
She has an issue with her new boss. 她不喜歡她的新上司。

articulate 在這裡是動詞,指「清楚、明白的表達」。articulate 也可以當作形容詞,指「能夠表達清楚的」,例如 an articulate speaker 就是表達清楚的演講者。另外, articulate 也可以形容「相連在一起的事物」,例如 articulate structure,相連的結構、articulate image,相連的圖片。

【TED】三種英語的說話方式Jamila Lyiscott: 3 ways to speak English

4take something down2:11
take sb down 是「打倒、擊敗」,但 take sth down 有不同的意思,可以表達「拆解東西」跟「紀錄」。
Government plans to take these old buildings down in order to build an airport.

Please take the figures down in your notes as you might forget.

5be straight up with someone3:01
be straight up with 的意思是「向某人坦白、直接了當的說話」。
I like a girl who sits next to me, is it okay to be straight up with her?

straight up 形容「真的、真實」,也可以放在疑問句裡。
He has been learning piano since he was five, straight up?

This straight up he told me last night.

你曾經有過像 Anna 一樣的困擾嗎?還是你曾經跟 Kelly 一樣因為誠(嘴)實(賤)得罪了朋友?




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