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So, how are things between you and Tyler?
I don't know what's going on. He's not flirting back.
Well, are you "flirting" with him?
Umm, yeah, I've actually made very clear moves and I've been flirting extremely hardcore.
Let me see.
Rachel, you asked about homework.
Homework is not flirty.
Uhh, I asked for help with it.
So that would mean that he'd have to talk to me.
No, not flirty.
Hey guys!
It's Rachel.
That was Tyler's dog.
Say hello.
So today I decided to show you guys what the worst things about having crushes are.
Because I know yeah, they're great!
But they also stink!
So give this video a thumbs-up and let's see if we can get this to 400,000 likes.
C'mon, you can do it!
And comment down below what you think the worst parts about having crushes are.
because I definitely didn't get everything.
And also, comment down below letting me know what videos you wanna see next.
Let's get onto the video!
What's up?
What does he mean by that?
Is he saying that in a nice way
or is he saying that in a "nice way".
Uhh, I'll make a funny response.
Umm no, too much, too much.
Umm, uhh...yeah...
No, no, no, no, no..
Nailed it.
Okay, I'm gonna snapchat him a selfie.
Wait no, I don't want him to think I'm trying to flirt.
I'll send him a cute ugly selfie.
Too ugly.
Too much.
Okay, I'm just going to go with a smile.
I can't even imagine going to the gym, sounds terrible.
We'll never go to the gym.
Like I hate running.
And ellipticals.
Ellipticals are the worst...
Tyler just posted a gym mirror selfie.
Ohh, Tyler tweeted.
Okay, I gotta like it so he knows that I like it.
Ohh he tweeted again.
Okay, maybe he'll get it just now.
Really? Why is he awake at 1 am?
Whatever, still, gotta like it.
This better work.
Ufff, this is bad. This is the 5th notebook I've ruined this week.
Wait...why is he liking another girl's pictures on Instagram?
Doesn't he know she might be married with kids?
Ah David, you're Tyler's friend, right?
Ohh cool, what are you guys doing this weekend?
We'll be in my place playing video games.
Ohh, does he like video games?
He's obsessed with them.
Really? Oh...this is what I needed.
Okay, wait no I have to look at Aries now too because Tyler's an Aries.
Wait a second, is that Tyler?
Is he wearing a blink-182 shirt?
Okay, Tyler likes blink-182, so I have to like blink-182.
Okay, this is an expensive shirt for a band that I don't listen to that much,
but he'll like me now.
Ohh wait, I should see what Tyler and my babies would look like.
Realy? It's 99 cents?
Never mind.
Hey Rachel?
Ohh HEY!
I didn't know you like video games.
I like all video games.
And you like blink-182? They're like my favorite band.
They're my favorite band too.
I've actually been meaning to talk to you...
Do you think your friend Sarah likes me?
How does Sarah literally get all the guys?
I hope you guys enjoy this video.
If you didn't seen my two previous videos, click those down below,
and subscribe right over there if you're not subscribed already!
Okay, I love you guys so much, bye!



暗戀的愚蠢二三事:你一定偷偷做過!(The WORST Things About Having A Crush!)

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Sabrina Hsu 發佈於 2017 年 7 月 26 日   Sabrina Hsu 翻譯   missnerdypants 審核


你現在有暗戀的對象嗎?你曾經偷偷喜歡一個人並為他做出許多好傻好天真的事嗎?這部影片的女主角 Rachel 要來跟大家分享一個陷入愛河的人常見的幾種事情喔!快來一起看看有沒有你曾經做過的事吧!

hardcore 的原意是「鐵桿、中堅份子」,給人一種硬梆梆的感覺。所以後來我們口語中常說的「硬漢」,或是像硬核搖滾這種節奏快、金屬風又有強烈拍子的搖滾,我們也都管他們叫 hardcore
I cannot believe that you are afraid of cockroaches. You look hardcore!

Look at those hardcore football fans who are topless with their faces painted!

[動作喜劇 電玩高校2]Video Game High School (VGHS) - Ep. 2

crush 0:39
crush 這個字有「壓碎、擠壓、擊潰」的意思,比方說:
The project manager's refusal crushed all their hopes.

還有一個很常見的用法是 Have a crush on someone,意思是「迷戀某人,被某人煞到」。當我們喜歡一個人的時候,是不是就好像我們的心被他擊敗、被他擠壓了呢?
A: Hey, why you keep looking at her? Is she your new crush?
A: 嘿!你為甚麼一直盯著她看?她是你的新對象嗎?
B: Absolutely, I think I have a crush on her.
B: 沒錯,我想我愛上她了。

【TED-Ed】海洋深層的奇蹟與奧秘 Deep ocean mysteries and wonders - David Gallo

nailed it1:45
nailed it! 不是叫你釘釘子!常常聽到 youtube 影片中,有人做了一件很厲害的事情,旁邊的人就說 "nailed it!" 這句話可以用來稱讚別人說的話完全切中要點、說得太棒了,也可以稱讚某人表現很好、完全不會讓人失望。
A: Hey, you didn't burn the cake this time.
A: 嘿!你這次沒有把蛋糕烤到燒焦。
B: Yep, nailed it!
B: 對!我成功了!

寶寶版奧運,超失控但萌度爆表! (If Cute Babies Competed in the Olympic Games | Olympic Channel)

be obsessed with3:58
be obsessed with 的意思是「癡迷於...」。
Kevin was obsessed with the girl he had just met in the gym.

另外,要是著迷過頭,就會感覺好像被他纏住一樣!所以 be obsessed with 也有困擾、纏住的意思。
Japan has become obsessed with what can be seen as a national health character flaw.





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