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What's up everybody, we're the Vagabrothers and this week we're talking about the
Top 10 Things to do in Cancun in the Riviera Maya.
If you've heard of Cancun, it's probably from MTV Spring Break – beaches, booze, and bodies
that make us feel like we gotta go to the gym more.
Now, if that's what you're looking for, you'll find it, but trust us, there's plenty more to do in the Riviera Maya.
So let's get into it.
Numero uno – beaches. First and foremost, Cancun is about sun and sand. There are 30
miles of tropical, white sand beaches with beautiful blue water that's gonna make you
want to dive right in.
Number two – nightlife. Now if there's one thing Cancun is famous for apart from the
beaches, it's the parties. It's definitely a lot of fun - BUT there are lots of cover
charges and it's full of foreigners.
Number three - Playa del Carmen. Another option is Playa del Carmen, it's like the little
sister of Cancun. It used to be a sleepy port but lately it's grown into a more mellow alternative
to the high rises of Cancun – that's great, if you're on a budget.
Number four – Tulum. Next, it's time to get into Mayan culture, starting with the
beachfront ruins of Tulum. Now, from an archaeological perspective, this is late-period Mayan city
that lacks the sublime architecture that the Maya are famous for - but it's gorgeous, and
you can even go swimming on the beach.
Number five – the ruins of Coba. By contrast, Coba is a larger city than Tulum and it's
covered in jungle, kinda like a Mexican version of Angkor Wat. Best of all, you can climb
up to the top of the highest Mayan pyramid in Mexico and - let's be honest - the selfie
alone is worth the trip.
Number six - Chitzen Itza. Ok, it's not technically in the Riviera Maya - it's 3 hours inland
and in the Yucatan provence - but it's one of the 7 new wonders of the world and it's
one of the best preserved ruins in Mexico.
Number seven - diving in Cenotes, the limestone sinkholes the Maya believed were portals to
the underworld. There are 1000 of them across the Yucatan peninsula and their cool, clear
waters are the best way to beat the heat – especially if you are SCUBA certified because cenotes
offer some of the best cave diving in all the world.
Number eight - swimming with a whale shark. If scuba diving in a cenote seems a little too claustrophobic,
why not go swimming in middle of the open ocean with a whale shark. Did you hear me
correctly? A friggin' whale shark! It's an awesome experience. But make sure you don't swim in front of it's open
mouth or you might get swallowed.
Number nine – Xcaret. We almost NEVER recommend touristic shows like Xcaret, but this one
was really, really well done. It tells the whole story of Mexico, from the Maya to the
Spanish to the Mexican Revolution, plus, it showcases all the different dances
of the regions of Mexico.
Number ten – a temezcal. Sweat out all the week's tequila in a temezcal, a pre-Columbian
cleansing ritual held in a stone sweat hodge, guided by a shaman. The ones at hotels are
pretty touristic, but if you head to a Mayan community like Las Palmas, you can have an
authentic spiritual experience.
Those are our top ten tips for Cancun and the Riviera Maya, what are yours? If you're
from Cancun or you've been there, let us know your recommendations in the comment box and
if you haven't seen our blog from Cancun with Louis and Nadine, make sure you check it out
in the info box.
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Alright, hasta luego!



型男兄弟推薦:10 個墨西哥度假天堂坎昆旅遊指南!(CANCUN, MEXICO | TRAVEL GUIDE)

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Charo Wen 發佈於 2017 年 10 月 30 日   Clément 翻譯   林恩立 審核



1plenty 0:18
plenty 的意思是「豐富;大量;充足」,也許會在字典看到它有形容詞跟副詞的用法,但他絕大多數還是當名詞用喔!當我們要說「很充足的...」時,就在 plenty 後面加個 of,後面再接要表示的東西就可以囉!像這樣:
He told plenty of funny jokes to break the ice.

另外它也有形容詞的兄弟 plentiful,用法其實就跟一般形容詞差不多,可以形容名詞,也類似上述的 plenty of
Salmon are plentiful in this river.
=This river has plenty of salmons.


2First and foremost0:23
First and foremost 的意思是「首要的是」,可作副詞。而用法基本上跟中文的「首先,最重要的是」無異,在你要開啟諸多論點中的第一點時可以使用。
First and foremost, in order to concentrate on your studies, you have to get up from your bed and go to the library.

要注意的是,它們雖然看起來很多字、很厲害,但其實都是被用到有點氾濫的英文成語。所以寫作文時可以在保守地論述事情時可以用,但它們不是個很好的炫技工具,甚至有點陳腔濫調 (cliche) 了。這邊提供幾個可以代換的用語,讓大家在寫作文時,能寫出更多變的開頭:To begin withFirst of allFirstly

它有個相反的用法:last but not least,「最後」的意思,用在講述你最後一個論點的時候。
Last but not least, I must thank you for your hospitality.

如何讓你的愛人更想吻你 (How to Get Someone to Kiss You)

3mellow 0:53
mellow 的意思是「成熟的」,它可以用來食物,也可以用來形容人,也有動詞用法,但主要當形容詞用。而它跟 matureripe 意思相近,因此容易搞混。這裡做一點解釋。

我們可以用 ripemellow,但 ripe 可以形容水果、乳酪、酒、穀物等,而 mellow 多用於形容水果跟酒。且 ripe 比較是在說這個食物可以吃了,而 mellow 是在說這個食物已經長得很甜、很美、很好吃了!
Andy gave me a bunch of mellow grapes.
Andy 給了我一串成熟了的葡萄。

The ripe tangerines are easier to be picked.

ripematuremellow 都可以拿來形容人,但 ripemellow 比較限於形容心理、行為上的成熟。另外,mellow 沒有貶抑的意思,只能用於褒揚別人。
We had better behave in a mature way when attending important occasions.

She has a mellow attitude to friendship.

The moment was ripe for launching our marketing campaign.

4from an/a….perspective1:05
這個片語的意思是「從...的角度來看/而言」,perspective 在這邊的意思是觀點、角度,不是它其他的意思如「遠景、透視法」等等的喔!這個片語一樣也是小 V 我口說跟寫作時的愛用詞彙喔!跟他相近的用法還有:from… anglefrom … standpointfrom … viewpoint
From a business perspective, the construction of a corporate culture becomes even more important due to the recent localization trend.

From the perspective of a bystander, it is very clear what happened.

Angela Lee Duckworth:成功的要訣是什麽?是意志力。 The key to success? Grit

5lack 1:08
lack 可以當名詞也可以當動詞,是「缺乏、不足」的意思。當動詞時為及物動詞,後面直接接要描述的事物即可,如:
He is good at shooting hoops, but he seems to lack confidence on the court.

當名詞用時,則後面常加 of,再接要形容的東西:
Her decision seems to show a lack of practical experience.

老是存不到錢嗎?開始為明天儲蓄吧 (Shlomo Benartzi: Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow)

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