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- [Lilly thinking] I have no clue who the
hell these people are.
- Thank you so much for coming in guys,
I know it's early, 8am start time.
- Ugh, I should have become an entrepreneur, open a
sandwich shop or something.
- Better turnout than last week.
- So how was your kid's birthday?
- Huh, this meeting could have been an email.
- Why don't we just take a look at these numbers, hmm?
And you'll see that we are
- I don't care. I don't care.
- Ugh God, Kevin is so hot, I would totally violate HR to
get a piece of that.
- Way down this quarter. Way down.
- Don't yawn, don't yawn!
Okay, quick, scratch your nose to hide it.
- Why don't we just put a pin in that?
- Let's put a pin in your face.
But you're probably used to that from all the botox.
- Kind of atrocious, don't you think?
- Why. Are. You. Still talking?
- OK. Thanks. - I'll make a note of that.
- I'm so hungry.
I'm literally gonna die.
- Look at this pie chart.
- Mmmmm...pie.
- Let's circle up on that.
- Circle of pie.
- What's next on the agenda?
- Mmmm...agenda of pie.
Um, I should probably say something.
I think we should just take a step back
and really focus on the core of the issue.
- That sounds great.
- Fantastic.
- Nice work.
- Nailed it.
- Let's discuss duties.
- Hmph, duties.
- And individual processes.
- Hahaha, sissies.
Sounds great.
I say 'great' too often.
No, let me try a different word.
Fine, F you guys.
Don't draw a Venn Diagram. Don't draw a Venn Diagram.
Goddammit, it's a Venn Diagram!
Haha, it looks like two boobs pressed together.
Ha, look at Mark, he loves it.
What a perv.
Nod, Nod, Nod.
Quick, underline something.
(woman typing)
What the F are you typing?
- Live events?
Since when do we do live events?
- I. Will. Kill. You. And. Your. Family.
I swear to God if someone says distribution
one more time, I will lose it!
- That way our distribution model can shift.
- Stop. Stop.
- Because right now our distribution model
doesn't account for a spike.
- Stop it. Stop it!
- Distribution.
(fast paced, high intensity music)
I will distribute my foot into your tight butthole!
You entitled piece of crap!
- Lilly?
- Lilly?
- Lilly?
- Lilly? - Lilly!
- Lilly?
- Lilly, Lilly?
What do you think?
- Um, sounds swell?
- Great!
So it's agreed then?
We all start two hours earlier on Mondays?
- Good job, moron.
- I'm going to key her car.
- "The office needs more diversity" they said.
- Swell.
- What up with ya girl, Superwoman!
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One love Superwoman,
that is a wrap, and zoop!


【Superwoman】職場開會時內心戲大爆發! (What I'm Actually Thinking During Meetings)

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Charo Wen 發佈於 2017 年 8 月 31 日   Charo Wen 翻譯   Kiara 審核


「明天早上八點要開會,大家別遲到喔!」,聽到主管這句話,相信各位身心俱疲的上班族總會在心裡翻白眼翻到地中海去。這次就讓 Superwoman 來代替苦命白領族講出開會時的各種心聲!看看影片笑一笑,準備好面對下一場會議戰爭吧!

1have no clue0:08
影片的一開始,Superwoman 就無奈地表示自己完全不知道其他與會者是誰,在這裡使用到的就是 have no clue 這個片語。have no clue 的意思是「沒有任何頭緒」、「一點都不知道」。此外,另一個片語 have no idea 也是相同的意思喔!
He accidentally nodded off during the class. When he woke up, he had no clue what the professor was talking about.

I have no idea what James is thinking about.
我完全不知道 James 在想什麼。

超俏皮!貓咪竟然在跟我們說話!A Cat's Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human

2put a pin in0:47
我們都知道 pin 有別針、大頭針的意思,而 put a pin in 某件事情,中文直譯為「在某事上釘上大頭針」,真正的意思其實是「等等再來談某件事」、「先把某件事放在一邊」。因此當影片中主管說 “Why don’t we just put a pin in that?” ,是表示「我們何不等等再來談這件事情」,但 Superwoman 心裡想的 “Let’s put a pin in your face” 則是字面上的意思,也就是「讓我們在你臉上釘個大頭針」,藉此表達她對主管的不滿。
A:What about the health insurance problem we talked about last time?
B:Let’s just put a pin in that, and we’ll get back to it later.


literally 這個單字相信不少人背過,知道它是「確實地」、「字面上地」的意思。值得注意的是,許多英文母語者常常在聊天時用到這個字。在對話中, literally 大多表示「不誇大」、「字面上」,其實跟表「真的」、「事實上」的 actually 意思非常接近。因此不知道該如何在英文口語活用 literally 的人,可以想像它跟 actually 的使用時機幾乎一樣喔!
I literally threw up when I heard that he had grilled earthworms for dinner.

誠實預告片 - 悲慘世界 (Honest Trailers - Les Miserables)

4nailed it1:28
講到英文母語者常使用的單字或片語, nailed it 也是其中一個。儘管我們知道 nail 有「釘子」、「指甲」的意思,但這個片語本身和這些東西並沒有關聯。 nailed it 表「幹得好」、「做得漂亮」,常用以稱讚別人在發言時切中了要點、或是在任何事情上表現得非常完美。要小心的是這個片語中當動詞用的 nail 基本上都是過去式,畢竟當然是等到事情做完了,才能夠誇獎別人幹得好呀!
You really nailed it! This entree is done perfectly.

大男人體驗懷孕的感覺 (The Try Guys Try Pregnancy Bellies • Motherhood: Part 1)

5account for2:45
影片中出現了 account for a spike 這樣的用法,表示「讓業績衝高」。 account for 這個片語在這裡是「導致」的意思,後接的 spike 則有「價格、數量的劇增」之意,兩者結合表示「導致業績飆升」,也就是「衝高業績」。但 account for 的解釋很多元,讓我們看看吧!

第一種:表「對⋯⋯作出解釋」的 account for
Mike tried to account for the big mistake he made during the task.
Mike 試圖解釋他在工作中犯下的重大錯誤。

第二種:表「對⋯⋯負責」的 account for
The government should account for the economic depression.

第三種:表「(在數量、比例上)占有⋯⋯」的 account for
According to the graph,”car accidents” accounts for 38% of all the accidents that happened this year.
根據表格,「車禍事故」的比例在今年內所發生的意外事故中占了 38% 。

看了這個超中肯的影片,想必大家一定是頻頻點頭吧?但要小心,開會時還是得注意聽,才不會像 Superwoman 一樣鑄下大錯,被同事黑特一整年(指)。




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