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My name is Sammi, and I am from Paris, France originally.
From Atlanta, Georgia.
From Sydney, Australia.
London, England.
Moscow, Russia.
There's been a lot more,
but those are the ones that come to mind.
My name is Sammi Grant, I'm a dialect coach
and I'm legally blind.
(people speaking at once)
A dialect coach is someone who teaches actors accents.
I can do accent from around the world.
I don't really even have a count anymore
because I've taught so many.
I mostly work for the stage.
I've started dabbling in television.
One of the reasons I think that I took to voice work
and dialect work is because I'm more in tune with hearing.
So people are always like, “Oh, you have heightened hearing.”
I don't like that phrase
'cause it sounds like we have like superhero hearing
like we're Daredevil or something.
Oh, you're just like Daredevil.
But I do have more a tuned hearing.
I use my hearing more than a sighted person
because I have to.
For a London accent, placement's really important
so the placements like really forwards in the mouth.
So there's the southern accent that lacks the R.
The Australian accent quite different
than the British accent
so they don't really say like, buttah,
it's a little more like butter.
Transatlantic accent is very dramatic.
It's what you hear in those old time movies.
It's kind of like a, well, well I don't know,
is he ever gonna love me?
Well I just want him to love me.
But if I'm too expressive maybe he won't, I don't know.
For Russian accent you want to sort of feel like
you swallow some in back of the mouth.
This is very stereotype,
but like the Jewish New York mother.
This is what I do a lot with my friends.
You know, kind of like the, why don't you call me?
You know I sit around and wait for your calls all day
and you never call me.
I don't mind, it's okay, you know, just whatever.
I just pay for your college tuition, it's okay.
It's a pretty in depth process teaching someone an accent.
I get sent this script and I try to gather everything I can.
So that goes much beyond just, where does this take place?
It also factors in time period
and education level, class level,
and I also think about the gender of my character.
And then I talk with the director to sort of you know
touch base on their concept for the voice of the show.
And then I kind of go on a hunt
for authentic speakers.
Once I've gathered all that information
I present it to the actor.
We're now surrounded by so many voices
that are emotionless.
You know by these automated voices that sound very fake.
Where it's like, I'd love to help you,
I'm a computer that's here to help you
with whatever you want all the time.
I love meeting new people and hearing their voices.
I, you know, immediately go into dialect coach mode
and I wanna sort of imitate them.
I just wanna like experience their voice
and experience what their vocalizing.
(people speaking at once)



口音教練教你各國腔調無縫接軌 (This Dialect Coach Can Transport You With Her Perfect Accents)

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Samuel 發佈於 2018 年 8 月 8 日    詹舒伃 翻譯    Lilian Chang 審核


我們常看到演員們為了配合電影中演出的角色而變換不同的腔調。小 V 自己最喜歡模仿的,就是英國腔跟印度腔了!到底在模仿各國腔調時有什麼訣竅?而不同的腔調之間又有什麼差異呢?趕快來看這部影片一起來學吧!

dialect 有 「方言;土語;地方話」的意思,是一個名詞。而中文的解釋可以這麼想,在同樣的地區使用同一種語言,有時會有不同的口音,因此 dialect coach,就會被譯作「口音教練」。
The poem is written in a Scandinavian dialect.

They speak a southern dialect of French.

legally 是一個副詞,是「依法,按照法律」的意思。影片中的 legally blind 這個詞很特別,表示「近乎全盲」。在美國,若被法律認定為「近乎全盲」,則可以享有特定的社會福利。
People in Britain legally reach adulthood at 18.
英國人在 18 歲時,即會在法律上被視為成年人。

小朋友總統告訴你 20 件你應該更常做的事!(Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often)

accent 這個字有「口音;腔調」的意思,詞性為名詞。而 上面提到的 dialectaccent 之間差別就在於,當同一種語言在不同地區,會使用不同的文法及詞語時,這個情況下會是 dialect 這個字;而當只有腔調,即口音上的不同時,則是 accent 這個字。
She speaks with a very strong British accent.

stereotype 這個字的意思是「刻板印象」,是一個名詞,常常用在性別或是年紀及文化上,是一個比較負面的詞語。
Adverts are full of stereotypes.

【TEDx】最危險的「四個字母」 (The most dangerous four-letter word: Dick Simon at TEDxBeaconStreet)

語言的奧秘真是令人著迷啊!相信大家在看過這部影片後,一定更了解不同腔調的差異及模仿的訣竅了!小 V 也鼓勵大家有空的時候就來試著模仿不同的腔調喔!

文/ Winnie Liao




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