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We hear a lot about genius. We are taught to admire the minds of those infinite, baffling
but astonishing geniuses like Einstein, Tolstoy or Picasso.
Quite what genius might actually be is left a little vague . It's a codeword for 'brilliant but perhaps too other-worldly
ever really to fathom.' We are invited to stand in awe at the achievements of geniuses
but also to feel that their thought processes might be quasi-magical and that it is ultimately
simply mysterious how they were ever able to come up with the ideas they have had.
But there is a radically different view, suggested by a hugely prescient quote from the 19th
century American genius Ralph Waldo Emerson. The quote runs like this: In the minds of geniuses, we find – once
more – our own neglected thoughts. What this tells us is that the genius doesn't
have different kinds of thoughts from the rest of us. They simply take them more seriously.
We ourselves will often have had our own sketchy, hesitant version of their ideas – which
is why their works can have such a distinctive impression on us. What they present feels
surprising and impressive, of course; yet also obvious and right – once it has been
pointed out. The geniuses are giving clear and powerful articulation to notions that are already familiar
because we've been circling them ourselves, possibly for years, without quite ever being
able to close in on them properly. Genius can in this sense be defined as paying closer
attention to our real thoughts and feelings and being brave and tenacious enough to hold
onto them even when they find no immediate echo in the world beyond. The reason why we
disavow so much of what passes through our minds is in essence anxiety. We kill off our
most promising thoughts for fear of seeming strange to ourselves and others (which explains
why small children are, in their own way, so much more interesting than the average
adult: they have not yet become experts in what not to say or think). But when we censor
and close down, when we take fright and try not to think, is exactly the moment when the
so-called genius starts to take note of what is happening within their mind. We operate with
a false picture of genius when we identify it too strongly with what is exotic and utterly
beyond us. It is something far more provocative than this. Genius is what we all can be when
we pay careful attention to what is truly passing through consciousness. We all have
very similar and very able minds; where geniuses differ is in their more robust inclinations
to study them properly.
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你也是天才嗎?來看看天才都具有哪些特質! (How To Be A Genius)

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Anita Lin 發佈於 2018 年 5 月 10 日    Adeline 翻譯    李依庭 審核



infinite 的意思是「無限的」。
Nature is a source of infinite wonders.

infinite 的反義詞則為 finite,意思是「有限的」。
Someday we will run out of fossil fuels — a finite resource.

【TED-Ed】無限有多大?(How Big is Infinity? - Dennis Wildfogel)

2vague 0:14
vague 的意思是「模糊的」、「不明確的」。
It is frustrating how vague the instructions are.

vague 的反義詞則是 clear
I hope I have made myself clear.

3radically 0:34
radically 這個副詞是從 radical 來的,意思是「極端地」、「徹底地」。
Our new supervisor is radically different from the previous one.

radical 則是形容詞,是「極端的」、「激進的」,通常用來形容政治立場。
Some of his views are simply too radical.

奇妙生態:狼群如何改變河川 (How Wolves Change Rivers)

4hesitant 1:04
hesitant 的意思是「猶豫不決的」、「有所保留的」。
I was hesitant about moving to another city.

hesitate 則是動詞形式,是「猶豫」的意思。
It is good to think things through, but sometimes you really should not hesitate.

感受 Q 彈滋味!外國人第一次喝波霸奶茶 (People Try Boba for the First Time)

5operate 2:20
operate 這個動詞的意思是「運作」。
His company has grown considerably and now operates in several countries.

operation 這個名詞形式,最常見的用法是指「醫學手術」。
An operation is required to remove the tumor.


文/ Rachel Kung




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