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Hello, everyone.
In the last decades, the art of computer animated films is getting better and better.
Animated films are more beautiful, more complicated,
and of higher quality.
Nowadays, each little detail is important.
Some of you probably remember
the famous headphone mistake that was so commented on the internet a couple of years ago,
and it was finally done right.
But in several countries, some famous scenes from different animated films look quite different from the way they look in other countries.
You might not know this
but people working in animated films love their work and their audience.
And sometimes change that film.
to include some important aspect of this or that culture.
So, here are five animated films that look different in other countries.
Let's get it on.
Many of you probably saw this film
and enjoy the quality of even most insignificant details of this zoo world.
So you probably remember the news show scene.
Two animals host in news show. In America, Europe, Russia, and other countries,
you can see a snow leopard and a moose.
But in China, for example, the moose is replaced by a panda,
a symbol of China and the favorite animal of many Chinese people.
In Japan, the film is also changed.
Instead of the moose, you can see a tanuki,
a small creature similar to a raccoon, which in Japan is a symbol of happiness or prosperity.
And in Australia and New Zealand, one of the animals is a traditional koala.
Why not a kangaroo?
Maybe in the world of Zootopia, kangaroo is not very suitable for TV programs.
Inside Out
In this awesome film, there's a scene with the main character has to eat broccoli,
but she refuses to point blank to do it.
And we probably understand why.
Kids do not love to eat healthy food.
Don't broccoli's one of the worst vegetables in the market?
Weirdly enough there is something wrong with Japanese kids because they love broccoli.
That's the reason why the filmmakers changed the broccoli for green peppers,
which are generally considered disgusting among Japanese children.
Understandable, given that it's very important for the kids to bond with the main character for film.
Apart from the broccoli scene, there was another change in the film.
There's a scene where Riley is watching soccer, the most popular sport in the world, but not in America.
In the U.S., soccer or football is by far not the most popular sport.
It's not Brazil, you know.
As the reason why just like they did with Japan,
the filmmakers changed the soccer scene for hockey scenes,
a more important sport in the states.
Toy Story
In the classic animated film, Toy Story,
Buzz Lightyear gives a speech while standing in front of the stars and stripes flag of the U.S.
There was something normal, given that the film was made in America.
But in other countries, it's what would have seen a little bit weird.
That's why the filmmakers decided to change the background.
But instead of drawing flags,
for each and every country, they put Buzz in front of the globe.
It was a simple solution to transform a patriotic speech into a universal one.
Monsters University
Probably one of the most difficult moments when adapting animated film to other cultures is changing the phrases that appear on screen.
If we are talking about the signboard,
it's not difficult to change the text, but there are more complicated situations.
For example, in the film Monsters University,
one of the characters decorates cupcakes with the phrase "Be my pal".
But in other languages, you might need a lot of space
and letters to write such a phrase.
But the filmmaker came up with a brilliant solution.
Instead of using letters, they just put a smiley face, and everyone's happy.
In this film, the creators went a little bit further,
and in different countries change the look and name of one of the main female characters.
In the original film shown in the U.S. and Canada,
children saw a pink plane named Rochelle.
In Russia, the same character is not pink, but painted
as the Russian flag, and its name is Tatiana.
And they did the same in many countries.
In Brazil, the plane's name is Carolina. She looks quite different.
And in Germany, the plane became Heidi.
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《動物方城市》麋鹿被熊貓取代了? 5 個入境隨俗的皮克斯動畫 (5 CARTOONS THAT LOOK DIFFERENT IN OTHER COUNTRIES)

18530 分類 收藏
Kate Chang 發佈於 2018 年 2 月 6 日    Kate Chang 翻譯    Ann 審核



1comment  0:19
comment 的意思是「評論、表示意見」,可以當作動詞或名詞。相信你對「動詞後面加 ed 變形容詞」的文法並不陌生,影片中的 commented 同理,為「評論的、討論的」。
I commented on this book elsewhere and sure hope someone will read what I wrote.

用科學看網路酸民 (The Science of Internet Trolls)

2get it on   0:44
「讓我們開始吧!」這句話在生活中非常常見,除了說 Let's get started! 或是 Let's kick off!,也可以用 get it on 這個片語。
Yeah! Let's get it on, dude!

[動作喜劇 電玩高校2] Video Game High School (VGHS) - Ep. 2

3bond with   2:02
bond 當動詞有「使結合、建立互信關係」,而後面若要加介系詞則是用 with,除此之外,bond with 也可以用在朋友相處,表示兩人處的很來或是有在聯絡。另外,bond 當名詞時,有「聯繫、債券、保釋金」之意。
I bonded with her.

發現未來的機器夥伴: David Hanson at TEDxTaipei 2012

4patriotic 2:57
「愛國者」的英文是 patriot,而影片中 patriotic 是從 patriot 變化來的,而 patriotic 這個字是形容詞,代表「愛國的」。
Now they were fiercely proud of their nationhood, passionately patriotic.
現在,他們都為有了自己的國家而驕傲, 他們有熾熱的愛國心。

【經濟時報】What is "Patriotic Philanthropy"? 什麼是愛國慈善?

哇!原來皮克斯的動畫電影也會「因地制宜」啊!看完之後是不是跟小 V 一樣驚訝到吃手手呢?現在害小 V 我都想蹺班再看一次皮克斯經典動畫了...希望你們喜歡這次的主編精選,我們下次見!

文/ Judy Huang




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