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Hey there!
Welcome to Life Noggin!
Ah, the age old debate of introverts versus extroverts.
These two groups are often pitted against each other, with people arguing that one is
better than the other
but are introverts and extroverts really all that different and what’s the science behind this?
My good friend Anthony Padilla is here to help explain.
Anthony, take it away.
Gladly, Society has some pretty typical stereotypes for introverts and extroverts.
One is cuddled up with a book in bed and the other is out being the life of the party.
But there’s actually a big misunderstanding about what truly makes someone one or the other.
Being introverted or extroverted isn’t dictated by how you spend your free time.
It all depends on how you recharge when you’re feeling low.
Introverts do it alone.
Extroverts with others.
How someone recharges may not seem like a huge deal, but it has some interesting impacts.
One’s social life, career, even internet usage can be affected.
And these differences aren’t just external.
The brains of introverts and extroverts are actually surprisingly different.
Let’s start by looking at dopamine, a chemical in the brain that causes an influx of good feelings.
Extroverts receive more of it during high-energy, exciting activities than introverts do.
It’s been found that introverts have less blood flow in certain regions with a lot of dopamine terminals,
indicating dopamine presence plays a big role in whether someone is more extroverted or introverted.
The extrovert and introvert brains look different too.
Introverts have thicker prefrontal cortices,
which makes sense since this is the area associated with deep thinking and decision making.
And they have more neuronal activity in brain areas associated with learning and vigilance
control, which dictates how alert someone is.
The brain's of extroverts have larger right-hemisphere amygdalas than their introverted counterparts.
The amygdala aids in emotional processing and researchers believe that this increased
size reduces an extrovert’s likelihood of developing
conditions like depression or anxiety.
Unsurprisingly, introvert and extrovert personality differences affect many aspects of their personal
and professional lives.
For example, caffeine has been found to have positive effects on extroverts working memory,
but not on introverts.
And extroverts are able to perform better than introverts when presented with distractions
like music and background noise.
Basically, they work more effectively when there’s a lot going on.
[Marching band music is playing] Could we actually get this marching band out of here?
Th-thank you!
But, introverts also have their own leg up in the world.
It’s been found that introverts are better fits for leadership positions in industries
and offices that rely heavily on collaboration.
This is because they are more receptive to input from others.
Ya hear that world!
I have potential !
When it comes to socializing, researchers found that extroverts display a less genuine
form of themselves on social media.
At the same time, it suggested that introverts, who are more of their “real selves” online,
may find it easier to open up to people behind a computer screen than peers in face to face interactions.
But what if you wanted to switch personality types?
Is that doable?
Personality isn’t completely understood but it’s thought to be pretty stable after
it’s formed in childhood.
Genes and dopamine function come into play in its formation so it’s fairly deeply rooted,
but if there’s certain traits of your personality that you don’t like, you can work on changing those.
Now, all this comes with some very important fine print.
Most people aren’t introverts or extroverts!
It’s been found that about two thirds of the population are ambiverts,
meaning they’re a bit of both.
So if you feel like you don’t fit into one box or the other, you’re actually not alone.
Are you an ambivert, introvert or extrovert?
Let us know in the comments below!
Thank you so much to Anthony for helping me out with this episode!
You might recognize some work we did over on his channel.
One wall will have a screen mounted to it connected to her phone, so she can view twitter
from inside the safety of the scream box.
So go check out his awesome videos, subscribe, and tell him Blocko sent you!
As always my name is Blocko!
This has been Life Noggin!
Don’t forget to keep on thinking!


內向者與外向者有什麼差別?(Introverts vs. Extroverts: What’s The Difference? Ft. Anthony Padilla)

10070 分類 收藏
Samuel 發佈於 2018 年 5 月 12 日    Evelyn Chiu 翻譯    Kate Chang 審核



stereotype 就是「刻板印象」的意思。
Stereotypes are based on generalized facts, and although despised for obvious reasons, they exist for a reason.

stereotype 的形容詞形式則是 stereotypical
However, we must never judge a person based on the stereotypical image they are supposed to embody, for that is simply a form of oppression.

2dictated 0:40
dictate 是「命令」、「支配」的意思。
Abusive partners often try to dictate your every move and decision.

dictator 則是獨裁者。
Dictators usually end up not making the best decisions because there is no one to keep them in check.

大腦的把戲:你的大腦是如何運作的呢?(Brain Tricks - This Is How Your Brain Works)

3conditions 1:54
condition 在這裡的意思是「條件」。
Determination is a condition of success.

condition 的形容詞形式則是 conditional,意思是「有條件的」。
I still need to submit some documents because I only got a conditional offer from the program I applied to.

4receptive 2:37
receptive 的意思是「能接受的」、「能容納的」。
The kind of people you want to surround yourself with are those who are receptive to new ideas and constructive criticism.

而名詞形式 reception 如果是針對某件事物,意思則是「反應」。
Despite critical acclaim, the general reception towards that film has been rather lukewarm.

【MarieTV】公司氣氛很糟?女強人告訴你改造公司文化的五個關鍵 (5 Key to Change Your Company Culture from the Inside Out)

5potential 2:41
potential 的意思是「潛能」。
The child is very intelligent and has a lot of potential.

potential 也可以當形容詞使用,意思是「可能的」、「潛在的」。
Potential side effects of the medicine include nausea and lethargy.


文/ Rachel Kung




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