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- How's it going?
- Going good.
- It's decent.
- Is that it?
- So, I grew up in Russia.
I lived there from ages three to 15.
Ever since we moved to the US,
I've always been confused by this question,
how's it going?
Like, no one ever answers the question.
All right, I'm going to prove it to you.
How's it going?
How's it going?
- What's up?
- Not even a little detail.
How's it going?
How's it going?
Again, nothing.
How's it going?
I got this.
What does that mean?
How's it going?
- How's it going?
- He answered my, how's it going, with a how's it going.
So now that I've proved to you that
nobody ever answers the question,
how's it going, I'm going to actually take some time
to sit down next to someone and
see if we can have a genuine conversation.
- How's it going, man?
- How you doing?
- Good, dude. Busy.
Yeah, it's been cra, I mean, it's been crazy.
- How's it going?
- Yeah, good thanks.
- Cool.
- Aw, this is my--
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
How's it going?
- Hey.
- How's your day?
- Nice to meet you.
- Good?
- Good.
- Yeah, I give up.
that was the most awkward thing I've ever experienced
I thought it was going to be a video
where I like, met all these people.
No, it's extremely uncomfortable.
It's awkward.
No one wants to talk about their day
or like, open up their feelings.
So instead of putting myself through more
awkward interactions, I'm going to go around
with a microphone.
I'm going to see why people think no one
answers the question, how's it going.
(cheerful electronic music)
- Sarah, do you have time for an interview?
- I--
- Too late, we're gonna do it, so.
- It's a one question interview.
How's it going?
- It's going good.
- Eh, it's all right.
How's it going with you?
- It's good.
- Good.
- So how many times have you heard
how's it going in the past week?
- Everyday.
How many times have you answered it
other than saying it's fine?
- Never. (laughing)
- Why do you think no one ever answers
the question, how's it going?
- I just had this problem.
I was in LA and everybody was answering me.
- You don't want to get too personal I guess.
- I think it's because usually the answer is too depressing.
I mean, go to a therapist.
- Nobody's ever going to say it's going bad.
- I once tried changing how are you to are you good?
And everyone was like, don't I look okay?
Is there something wrong?
- I hate when people, like if people were to
really ask me that because it would like,
uncork some deep shit.
- I never ask.
- Oh, you never ask?
- I just give like the head nod and if you give it back,
then I know you're good.
- I honestly think the world would be better
if we just didn't talk to people at all.
- What I'm realizing is that everyone
at Buzzfeed hates interaction
and is bitter and I'm the only one who cares
about connecting with other human beings.
- I guess I could get rid of how's it going completely.
- My problem with how's it going
is when people ask and immediately stop listening.
- So how was your day?
- It's good.
- Ding!
- So I'm currently editing this video
and I just watched back all the footage.
Even though this video is silly and funny
and it's not supposed to be serious,
I feel like there's actually a pretty
important lesson to be learned from this video.
I think there's something so important about
listening and talking to the people around you
because you never know who needs to be talked to
or who wants to be heard or who has some problems
that they need to share, so it's really important
to listen and you should take the time to
sit down and talk to the people you care about
and really ask people how's it going.
So if you guys feel like it,
in the comments below, just tell me how it's going.



人們誠實回答「最近好嗎?」(People Answer "How's It Going" Honestly)

28165 分類 收藏
Samuel 發佈於 2018 年 5 月 8 日    Jade Weng 翻譯    Evangeline 審核


當別人問起「最近還好」嗎?小 V 總是慣性回答:「還不錯啊!」在這個步調匆忙、人人低頭滑手機的世代,你有多久沒有好好關心身邊的朋友呢?

1genuine  0:50
genuine 的中文是「真正的」、「真誠的」,影片中,掌鏡者期待可以有 genuine coversation,是指一段「誠懇」發自內心、沒有客套的那種的對話。
He wasn't very good at implementing his ideas, but he always made a genuine attempt to make our lives better.

2depressing 2:09
depressing 的中文是「使人沮喪的」、「使人憂愁的」。要注意, depressing 是指「事物讓人沮喪」,如果要說人「感到沮喪」的話,則要用 depressed,例如  The depressing ending of the movie makes me depressed. 這部電影壓抑的結局使我很憂鬱。
The weather in winter is always depressing.

【TED-Ed】莎士比亞的侮辱 (Insults by Shakespeare - April Gudenrath)

3nod 2:30
nod 作動詞,中文「點頭」。另外, 學生上課常常忍不住「打瞌睡」,英文就是 nod off 喔!來看看兩種例句:
The professor gave us a friendly nod.

I always nod off during the morning lectures.

4get rid of 2:46
get rid of 是片語,中文為「去除」、「丟棄」。除了丟掉物品,get rid of 也可以用作「戒除」壞習慣 get rid of a bad habbit,或是「擺脫病痛」get rid of an illness
My mom got rid of the old television.

咖啡:最難解的癮 Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever

immediately 是副詞,是「立即地」、「馬上地」的意思。同義詞還有 at oncequicklyinstantlysoon 以及 right now 等,都有「立刻」、「緊接著」的意思。
I came here immediately after receiving your phone call.  

【TED】瑞克.史莫蘭 (Rick Smolan) 述說一個女孩的故事 A girl, A Photograph, A Homecoming

看完這部影片,小 V 忍不住反省自己是不是常將噓寒問暖掛嘴邊,卻沒有好好表達真正的關心與問候?下次不妨花點時間坐下來跟家人朋友好好聊聊,千萬不能將他們視為理所當然!

文/ Rong Chiang




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