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We`re thankful to have you watching CNN 10 on this Wednesday, May 16. From the CNN Center,
I`m Carl Azuz.
We`re returning to the Middle East for our first story, where protest in the Palestinian
controlled territory of Gaza continued Tuesday. But they
were reportedly smaller and less violent than the ones the day before.
The Palestinian government says Israel and the U.S. are responsible for the deaths of
dozens of Palestinians in Gaza this week.
Israel says that a Palestinian group named Hamas is responsible for launching terrorist
attacks at the border between Gaza and Israel.
On yesterday`s show, we look at what`s currently happening in Gaza and Jerusalem, and some
of the reasons for it. You could find that coverage in
our archive section at CNN10.com.
What we`re doing today is explaining some of the history of Gaza and how unrest there
dates back millennia.
Gaza is only about 25 miles long and seven miles wide, but this small ship of land is
one of the most fought
over in history. It was an Egyptian base, a rural city of the Palestine and the place
where the Hebrew hero Samson betrayed by Delilah met his
Since then, much blood has been spilled. The most recent contest for Gaza began at the
end of World War II, when persecuted Jews traveled to Israel
from Europe, looking for a new start after the horrors of the Holocaust.
In 1947, the U.N. created a plan to split Israel into two countries, one for Jews and
one for the Arab people. Backed by the U.S. President Harry
S. Truman, David Ben Gurion, Israel`s founder, proclaimed the establishment of the state
of Israel in 1948.
Egypt then attacked Israel through the Gaza Strip. Israel was victorious but Gaza remained
under the control of Egypt, and an influx of Palestinian
refugees begun.
In 1967, war broke out between Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Syria, in what became known as
the Six Day War. Israel seized the Gaza Strip and held it
for about 40 years.
In 2006, Hamas, a group sworn to destroy Israel, and listed by the United States and European
Union and others as a terrorist group, won a landslide
victory in Palestinian legislative elections, and Israel unilaterally pulled its forces
out of Gaza that year. Hamas was now in control of the
territory. However, Israel still controls much of the areas access to and from the Gaza
Since then, Israel and Hamas have been exchanging blows. Israel maintains Hamas is a violent
terror organization. While Hamas says they represent an
oppressed people being victimized by the Jewish state.
The international community continues to press for a cease in violence. But for now, the
strip`s population of 1.8 million people are trapped in
the crossfire.
Ten-second trivia:
What movie holds the record for earning the most money worldwide?
Avatar, Titanic, Jurassic World, or Star Wars: The Force Awakens?
These are the top four money makers overall but Avatar is number one with almost $2.8
It costs about $300 million to make the movie "Avengers: Infinity War". That`s a lot. Many
major motion pictures cost in the neighborhood
of $100 million once you factor in marketing and distribution.
"Infinity War" is one of the most expensive movies ever made. But for its producers, it`s
been a worthwhile investment. After 19 days in U.S. movie
theaters, "Avengers" has hauled in more than $550 million. And if you add in what it`s
made worldwide, you get a staggering figure of $1.65 billion.
And movie industry experts say it could become part of an elite club. There have been only
three movies to make more than $2 billion worldwide.
"Infinity War" could become the fourth. A good chunk of these revenues are coming from
China. Even when American made movies don`t sell out theaters
in America, they`re finding a growing audience overseas.
A $200 million opening weekend for "Avengers: Infinity War" in China, thanks in part to
people like these.
A fan-led event last Friday with 300 or so Marvel die-hards packed a Beijing theater
to watch the film on its opening day.
I like Thor the best because he`s sincere and straightforward and good- looking.
In just three days, the movie had already bested the entire China runs of other Marvel
movies like "Black Panther" and "Captain America: Civil War",
and the film could make a run at the highest grossing foreign film ever in China.
For parent company Disney, it`s a massive success, the result of years of cultivating
the second largest movie market in the word.
Their impact is expanding in China, so more Chinese viewers will come to watch Hollywood
It`s something Hollywood has counted on for years now. In 2017, the North American box
office was widely reported to be down 2.3 percent. China was
up 22.3 percent, according to Chinese regulators.
The market here has saved movies like "World of Warcraft" and the "Tomb Raider" reboot,
both of which bombed in the U.S. but did well enough in
China that analysts say that sequels for both could happen.
I think Hollywood movies have high standards. They`re doing well in China and I think that`s
because they`re so high quality.
China is not a cure-all though for Hollywood`s profit woes. For example, in 2017, China only
allowed 34 foreign films to be shown here and this year
probably won`t be much different. Plus, there`s increasing competition from films right here
in China.
The top foreign film in 2017, the "Fate of the Furious", made 2.6 billion yuan here.
"Wolf Warrior 2", a Chinese made action film, made more than
double that amount. But despite those long term concerns, big studios will keep looking
to China, its theaters packed with heroes who may not save the
world, but could give a boost to Hollywood`s bottom line.
Matt Rivers, CNN, Beijing.
It`s getting more expensive to transfer products around America and one major reason for that
is because there`s a shortage of truckers. Long
hauled trucking is generally defined as being more than 250 miles from start to finish.
The American Trucking Association estimates that there
are 500,000 long hauled truckers in America, and that`s about 63,000 drivers short of what`s
The results, companies are raising shipping rates, businesses are getting more competitive
when it comes to hiring truckers and Congress is
considering lowering the interstate truck driving age from 21 to 18.
But the effects of the shortage are already being felt across the United States.
For "10 Out of 10" today, hazards on a golf course: bunkers, water, what are people doing
so close to this thing? It`s a 12-foot beast of a
hazard, a monstrous alligator that recently walked the course on Fripp Island in South
Didn`t seem to mind getting its picture taken. Didn`t seem to be interested in the game or
the people playing it, at least until he gets
hungry. No one was hurt in the animal`s recent appearance, but if this is something that`s
common on the course, you can see how it would be pretty
Maybe he just wants to join the club. Maybe he wants to eat a hole in one. But while I
don`t want to be caddy, most gators on golf courses are wallets
or belts. So, it seems like if there`s a live one around, someone should be able to cart
him or drive him away.
I`m Golf Cart-l Azuz for CNN 10.


CNN 10 May 16, 2018 (CNN 10 May 16, 2018)

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