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The one commodity that is most valuable
on this earth is time. Time to love, time
to live. From the moment the human body
is born it begins dying. I don't think you,
you quite caught that. Let me say it again. From
the moment the human body is born
it begins dying. Some happen faster, some
happen slower, some of us help them
go faster, and some of them prevent it from
happening sooner than later. How many seconds
how many minutes do we waste every day
doing things that are nowhere near the
goals and aspirations and passions that
we have inside? How many times you go
through the course of a day and realize
did I do anything I set out to do today?
Write down those goals each and every
day. No matter if there's two goals a day if
you can accomplish those then you're
doing more than just making it through the day.
You are living and achieving your dreams.
Find time to better yourself. Read
explore, research, live life do things
you've never thought of doing before.
That's what it's all about. When you're
that's that date that they put on the
left side of the tombstone. When you die
they put another date on the right side
of the tombstone but that dash in the
middle is the most important thing on
that tombstone. That is a line that
throughout that entire time frame you
were able to impact and touch others
lives. You were able to leave your mark on
this earth. You were able to build a
legacy that nobody could change. You were
able to have it to where people remember
who you are no matter what. When you're
living for that dash in the middle you're
going to remember your why.
Your why, why you're here not, not the
why, why did you do something, your why.
Your, your reason for getting up in the
morning. Your reason for pushing yourself
past the brink of exertion and giving
up. Your reason for moving on and getting
things done in life. That dash in the middle
that's the thing that pushes you. How do
you rate yourself on a scale of one to
ten in terms of your physical appearance?
In terms of your health? Do you take care
of yourself? Are you allowing yourself to
get overweight and out of shape? Are you
conscious of your health? Are you
watching the food that you take into
your body? Do you make a deliberate
effort to exercise, you know it was
George Burns, he said we cannot help
getting older but we don't have to get
old and many of us get old before our time
because we don't take time to take care
of ourselves. Your environment is a very
good indicator on a scale of one to ten
is it what you want it to be? Do you
find it desirable? Are you satisfied? The
job or career that you're involved in
someone said that 85% of the American
public are unhappy with their jobs. Are you
spending eight hours a day just doing
time? Doing something that you don't find
challenging, that does not make you
stretch mentally, that does not stimulate
you, that does not inspire you, something
that you don't find a sense of
fulfillment in it? If you're doing that
day in and day out, it has to affect how
you feel about yourself, your level of
motivation, your relationships.
What kind of impact is that having on
your life? Is it nourishing or is it a
toxic relationship? Does it drain
you or does it build you up? Ask yourself
that. How motivated are you to do
something about it?
Your contribution, your actions... what are
you giving? Many people will leave the
universe without a trace. No one will
know they were here and in fact under
their name we could put under there,
'not used up.' Will anybody know that you
came this way? What contribution are you
giving? What will you leave? What will be
different because you came this way?
Just, just stop for a second. Write down your
What are you doing this for in life? If
your why doesn't make you cry, that's not
your why. Again, if your why doesn't make
you cry, then that's not your why. Your
why should be something so big that it
moves your family tree. Your why should
be something so big that it changes the
whole outlook on how things are with you
and your home, your family, your religion,
your purpose. Think about your passion,
think about your opportunities and that's
how you find your purpose. OPP. When that
why meets up with your passion, your
opportunity, your purpose, then you'll
find out. The most important day in your
life is the day you remember why you
were born.



不要再浪費你的時間了! (STOP WASTING TIME | Motivational Video for Success & Studying)

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曜慶 發佈於 2018 年 7 月 18 日


現代人很常用「耍廢」這個字眼。耍廢時,時間不知不覺就嘩地過去了!你是不是和小 V 一樣覺得時間好無情,走得好快呢?我們該如何善用人生中的每個分秒?跟著小 V 觀看這支影片,一起學習如何善用時間吧!

commodity 是一個名詞,意思有「商品、經濟貨物 (農作、礦物)、有價值的東西、寶貴的素質」。在本片中,commodity 的含義著重於「有價值的東西」。
Gold is one of the major export commodities of Ghana.

The company is looking for those who have the rare commodity of perseverance.

咖啡對你的大腦做了什麼事?Your Brain On Coffee!

legacy 作名詞時有「遺產、遺留物」的意思,通常是指過世之人遺留、贈與的物品,有可能是物質的遺產,或是精神上的遺產。
Shakespeare's legacy of literature will be remembered around the world.

Tom lives on the legacy his parents left him.

R.I.P 曼德拉總統(反種族隔離的勇士) (21 Icons : Nelson Mandela : Short Film)

exertion 是由動詞 exert 而來的名詞,意思「努力、費力、(權力、力氣)的運用」。影片中的 the brink of exertion 直翻是「努力的極限」,小 V 想那大概就是「洪荒之力」吧!
The table is so heavy that it requires quite a lot of physical exertion in order to move it.

Although his employees disagreed with the proposal, he exerted his authority and went ahead with it anyway.

【TED】崔西·雪佛藍:名畫背後的故事 (Tracy Chevalier: Finding the story inside the painting)

4meet up with5:21
meet up with 為一個動詞片語,意思是「與某人見面」(meet up with somebody)。
This Sunday I'm going to meet up with my old friends from senior high school.

【生活英文】別傻了!酒精才不能解除壓力呢! (Why Alcohol Is Not a Stress Reliever | A Little Bit Better With Keri Glassman)

看完是不是和小 V 一樣覺得勵志呢?找到你的人生意義所在,把你原先拿來耍廢的時間多投入到有意義的事情上吧!

文/ April Lu




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