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You may have seen a few of these pop up on your phone or in your email.
Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Square, GoDaddy, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, H&M, and many
more are updating their policies to give consumers more control over their personal data.
Those updates and changes are thanks to a new law governing data privacy called the
General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.
The catch is, GDPR only applies to people who live in the European Union.. but its adoption
is largely expected to have Americans asking “Why don’t we have that?”
Here’s how data collection currently works -- when you sign up for, let’s say Facebook,
you have to click a box agreeing to the companies terms.
Those terms give Facebook the right to track your online activities, even if you’re not
actively browsing facebook.
Facebook can let third parties access it in order to sell ads and services.
GDPR is changing that.
Consumers will have the right to ask for copies of anything as basic as messages sent to them,
or by them…
That’s Bloomberg Tech Editor Nate Lanxon
up to entire archives of all the content they've generated on a service.
Come May 25 companies with more than 250 employees and that hold data on European citizens will
have to get “unambiguous” consent from users to collect their data, instead of just
burying an OK inside fine print.
It will also make it much easier to revoke consent users had previously given.
For consumers that opt in, they have a right to know what’s being done with their data
and instead of being charged to obtain it, can
request a free copy.
For companies like Google and Facebook, . They've been making data available for download and
deletion upon request for quite some time.
Consumers also have the “right to be forgotten,” which lets citizens request that organizations
delete their data.
Data Portability will give consumers the right to retrieve their data and sell it to other
So, for example, you may be able to trade something like a gift certificate from Zara
in exchange for your shopping history at J Crew.
If a firm has a data breach, companies must notify the authorities within 72 hours.
And any failure to comply with this new law will be costly.
Penalty fines can abe as high as 4 percent of a company’s global annual revenue.
Europe expects companies to try and act within the spirit of the law, and not just try to
follow it to the letter.This mean there will be disputes and legal precedence to be set
over the coming years.
So while the US is still reeling over Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica scandal -- The
EU is moving ahead with tough new rules.
Many will ask if the US should be next.



史上最嚴資料保護令將如何影響我們的隱私? (How the GDPR Changed Privacy)

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Cyndi 發佈於 2018 年 9 月 29 日    Tracy Wang 翻譯    Evangeline 審核


你也許擁有不只一個社群媒體帳號;為了交報告,你可能習慣將筆電連上不同咖啡廳的 Wi-Fi;每逢週休二日,你或許會開啟 Google Maps 遊覽鄉村與城市......這些都使資料分享 (Data Sharing) 成為現代生活的一種必然,但我們該如何確保個資安全無虞?今天的影片邀請你一起來認識於今年五月起生效的歐盟資料保護法規 GDPR。

1pop up0:02
pop up 這個片語的意思是「某人 (突然) 出現;某事 (突然) 發生」,令人感到出乎意料。
In that Hollywood movie, the leading character seemed to pop up in the most unlikely places saving lots of innocent civilians.

另外如同影片裡的用法,pop up 也可以指電腦螢幕上「視窗彈出」的動作。
To my embarrassment, advertisement of chic pajamas popped up when I was discussing my final paper with my professor.

govern 除了一般看到「統治;管理」的意思,還可以翻譯成「支配;影響」。
The country has been governed by military regimes.

Overconsumption of sugar is a governing factor in childhood obesity.

英文詞尾詞性及意思 (English Grammar - Word Endings - What are suffixes?)

3apply to0:23
applies to 在此解釋為「適用於...」,後面可接某項條款的適用對象,或者管理的適用範圍等。
The new curriculum only applies to freshmen this year.

相關片語 apply onself to something 則表示為了達成特定目標「付出大量心力」。
Private classes help me apply myself to language learning, especially when it comes to less familiar languages.

【TED】Geoffrey West:有關都市和企業集團的驚奇數學 (Geoffrey West: The surprising math of cities and corporations)

terms 在此解釋為「條件;條款」,常見的搭配詞有 terms of use (使用條款)、terms of payment (支付方式)。
Under the terms of their contract, employees must give three months' notice if they leave.

Our terms of use and privacy policy can be found on this page.

此外單數型的 term 翻譯成「期間;期限」,也可以搭配 long/medium/short 表示 「長期、中期、短期」。
The mayor's term of office expires at the end of the month.

His medium-term goal is to save enough money for the down payment.

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates)

5to the letter2:03
to the letter 這個片語是指「絲毫不差地」,常見的搭配用法有 follow/obey something to the letter,意思是「一絲不苟地遵守」某項規則 。
When emergency occurs, detailed guidance exists and staff fully understand the need to follow it to the letter .

儘管 GDPR 目前在法規內容與執行效果上都曾引起爭議,這卻可能是歐盟領導其他國家以法律強制力維護個資安全的開端。當我們連上網路的時間愈來愈多,更不能忘記選擇要公開哪些資訊、以何種方式公開,是使用者不應假手他人的自由與權利。

文/ Jessie Huang




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