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The creation of the potato chip
is a rather snarky, surprising, and idiosyncratic story.
When French fries made their way to America,
they soon became a restaurant mainstay.
Many restaurants served Fries as their signature dish.
Believe it or not,
they were once considered very hoity-toity.
In 1853, George Crum was a chef at the Moon's Lake House in Saratoga Springs, New York.
Their signature dish was none other than Moon's Fried Potatoes,
or as the aristocrats would say: "Potatoes served in the French Manner."
One day, just like any other,
a customer some believe to have been Cornelius Vanderbilt himself ordered fries.
Upon being served, Cornelius scoffed, and sent them back.
He deemed the fries soggy and not crispy enough.
This insanity continued a few more times until Crum lost it.
I mean, he really lost it.
He fired back, cutting the potatoes paper-thin, and frying them up.
You see, back in 1853,
eating with your hands was a major faux pas,
making Crum's revenge even more diabolical.
By cutting the potatoes paper-thin,
there would be no way that Cornelius could use his fork,
forcing him to use his hands.
Crum's plan backfired, kind of,
as the patrons dug in with both hands, and loved them.
Saratoga Chips were born.
They became a Saratoga dining staple.
Soon thereafter, they took the world by storm.
Crum himself even opened his own restaurant
with baskets of chips displayed on each and every table.



好餓!全世界最好吃的零食竟是意外發明的 (The Accidental Invention of the Best Snack Food Ever)

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Evangeline 發佈於 2018 年 10 月 10 日    Stephanie 翻譯    Evangeline 審核



這個字為形容詞,意思是「有氣質的;獨特的」。其名詞為 idiosyncrasy 「癖好;特性」。以 idio 為字首的單字,代表「私人的」或「自己」的意思。例如 idiograph 「個人簽名或商標」,就是 idio (自己) + graph (圖畫) 。而 idiomatic 「慣用語句的」,是 idiom (慣用語) + atic (有...性質的) ,為轉形容詞的概念。
The team leader performed an idiosyncratic management approach which increased the team's working efficiency.

我如何減掉十磅 & 超實用飲食小撇步 (How I Lost 10 Pounds + Diet Tips)

scoff 當作及物及不及物動詞皆為「嘲笑;嘲弄」之意,另有「狼吞虎嚥地吃;搶劫、偷竊」的意思。嘲笑的相關詞有 ridicule / mock / laugh at / sneer at. 再來介紹一些關於「笑」的單字:giggle 「傻笑」、chuckle 「輕笑」、smirk 「假笑」、snicker 「偷笑」。
The venture investor scoffed at the entrepreneur's naive idea.

【彭博新聞】電動車近十年內將撼動石油市場 (Electric Cars Could Wreak Havoc on Oil Markets Within a Decade)

3lose it0:49
這個片語與失去東西沒有任何關聯,它其實指的是「 lose one's head 失去理智」或「 lose one's temper 大發脾氣」,所以 lose it 的意思是「某人非常生某件事的氣」。勃然大怒也可以說 hit the ceiling / fly into a rage / hot under the collar.
When the teacher saw Mark doodling on the whiteboard, he just lost it.
當老師發現 Mark 在白板上塗鴉,他便相當生氣。

BBC - 我與我的自閉症 (My Autism and Me)

4faux pas0:59
faux pas 是「失言;失禮」,為可數名詞,復數仍是 faux pas。法文 faux 近似於 false,指「某些東西是假的」,而 pas 在法文指的是英文的「 step (舞步) 或 movement (動作),兩者連起來就是「錯誤的動作」,引申為「不當的言行舉止」。另外像 faux naif 是「假天真」,因為 faux (假的) + naif (英文的 naive 天真) 。
Wearing sandals to work is considered a fashion faux pas.

Jenn 的時尚穿搭術 (What Would Jenn Wear? #11)

5take by storm1:20
take… by storm 這個片語原指「軍隊以猛烈襲擊攻佔」,後引申為「風靡、席捲…;在…大獲成功」的意思,用來比喻「某件事讓人留下深刻印象,短時間內成功受到大家的歡迎」。「迅速竄紅、風靡全球」也可說 go viral,viral 是 virus (病毒) 的形容詞,意思是「病毒的」,因此 go viral 就是「像病毒般蔓延」的意思。
The movie "Along With the Gods" took the Taiwanese audience by storm.

清酒口味 Kit Kat 試吃 | 日本限定 (Sake Kit Kat Review | Japan Exclusive)


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