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Monday, let's go.
Hey Brennan, you feeling okay?
Yeah, you seem a little under the weather.
What's that?
Like, you seem sick.
That's true, yeah I'm sick as a dog.
Fuckin' work dog dude, let's do it.
Let's shred it this week guys, turn and burn it.
If you're sick, you should go home.
Go home, come on guys it's the flu.
A little flu never hurt anybody.
The flu has killed millions.
Handedly untrue.
Yeah, you should go home.
I hear your concern, appreciate it.
Guys, here's the deal (burps) oh god.
I'm not one of these little babies that has to call
in sick from home, I'm (sneezes blood)
God, fuck go to the hospital!
Nope, callin' 911.
Go home or I'll kill you.
It's fine, this isn't half as much blood as yesterday.
Fevers broken, I can see again, I...
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, oh it's burning!
What is that xenomorph spit? why is it burning?
You think it's so heroic to stay and work in the office
but really you're just putting everyone else in danger.
The only thing I'm in danger of is giving 110%.
Oh god dude your eye!
Your eye, your eye, your eye.
Go home!
It's fine, five second rule.
Fuck you.
You need to use a sick day you're
putting everyone here at risk.
At risk, what are you talking about?
What ever happened to walking it off?
My ancestors couldn't call in sick when they were
building railroads and fighting Nazis.
Your ancestors died of preventable diseases all the time.
Okay, let's call it a compromise.
Look I'll wrap myself up in my little blankie,
I'll take a little shot of hot sauce.
I'll take a couple cloves of garlic.
Then I'll squirt some lemon juice in my eyes.
Okay, I'll take a space heater and I'll sit on it.
Oh, there we go okay and now just sweat it out.
- Oh god Brennan get up! - Brennan!
Brennan get up, get up get up!
Normally that works.
Go home!
I can't, you guys are depending on me
for my comedy scripts, I can't leave you guys hanging.
You just started working here.
And when you're sick, your work suffers.
No it doesn't.
Interior Brennan dada, kill me, kill me,
kill me, kill me, kill me, kill me, kill me.
Okay it's a little unpolished,
but I think there's a kernel of ...
Is he dead?
Yeah as a doornail bitch.
Hi, is this HR?
Yes, okay, so I was calling 'cause a sick employee
refused to go home but now I'm calling
'cause there's been an office incident with a knife.
Yes, it was Katie.
You were fucking dead.
Hey guys are we still meeting at 3:00?
Cool, I'll be there.
How is this possible?
Well Trep, I guess I'm just not
one of the little babies that has
to call out of the meeting just any old time that I
see grip of death stops the beating of their heart.
I have a few extra pitches today,
I'm happy to go at the end.
Hey guys it's Brennan from College Humor.
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and please keep watching because if you stop
watching, I start to vanish, get it.
I'm not really real, I'm just a thing in your screen.
Ahh, don't forget me!



超爆笑!死都不請病假的同事 (The Guy Who Won't Call In Sick)

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Samuel 發佈於 2018 年 8 月 21 日    Stephanie 翻譯    Evangeline 審核


相信大家對「工作狂」(workaholic) 這個詞不陌生,這種人不管生病,還是天氣惡劣的情況下都堅守工作崗位,簡直不能更佩服他們!這支影片帶大家看看當工作狂走火入魔時,到底有什麼誇張行徑?

1 under the weather0:29
under the weather 是英文母語人士常用的用語,意思是「身體不適」,指全身不舒服,而沒有特定的病,像是頭痛、胃痛等。這句俚語據說是從水手而來,暈船的水手會到露天甲板 (weather deck) 下的船艙休息,所以身體不適的人會說是 under the weather deck,直至今日演變成 under the weather。可以寫成 be under the weather 或是 feel under the weather。
Sandy was off work for two weeks and she still seems a bit under the weather.

另外補充另一個和 weather 相關的俚語,weather that storm。
weather that storm 意指「闖過難關」。
Last year was the hardest time of my life, but fortunately I was able to weather that storm with the support of my friends.

appreciate 是「欣賞、感謝」之意,當「感謝」時,意思等於 thank you,下次可以換一種方式說謝謝囉!
It's difficult to find someone who appreciate your talents.

I would appreciate it if you could let me know who the fundraiser is. I would like to show him my gratitude in person.

3put sb. in danger / at risk1:24
put sb. in danger 或是 put sb. at risk 都是指「至某人於危險、風險之中」。
Humans have put many species of animals and plants in the danger of becoming extinct.

4walk off1:42

walk off 表示「藉由散步來擺脫某狀態」,心情不好、吃太飽等各種心理和生理不舒服時,「走一走就好」的概念。
My boss really pissed me off. I think I'll have to walk it off.

She tried to walk off her twisted ankle, but it hurt too much.

復仇者聯盟 2 中美國隊長說過一句:Even if I get killed, I'll just walk it off !
(即使死了,我還是會繼續再戰)。walk it off 便是「忍痛並勇往直前」之意。

【TED】為何我們都需要情緒急救 Guy Winch: The case for emotional hygiene

compromise 意指「妥協、折衷方法」。
The goverment hopes the labor and management can come to a compromise.

兄弟姐妹排行真的會影響個性!?快來看你是不是符合這些特質!(Does Birth Order Affect Your Personality?)


文/ Liang-Chun Chen




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