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The standard habit of the mind is to take careful note what’s not right in our lives
and obsess about all that is missing. But in a new mood, perhaps after a lot of longing and turmoil,
we pause and notice some of what has – remarkably – not gone wrong.
The house is looking beautiful at the moment. We’re in pretty good health, all things considered.
The afternoon sun is deeply reassuring. Sometimes the children are kind.
Our partner is – at points – very generous. It’s been quite mild lately. Yesterday, we were
happy all evening. We’re quite enjoying our work at the moment. Gratitude is a mood
that grows with age. It is extremely rare properly to delight in flowers
or a quiet evening at home, a cup of tea or a walk in the woods when one is under twenty-two.
There are so many larger, grander things to be concerned about: romantic love, career fulfillment and
political change. However, it is rare to be left entirely indifferent by smaller things in time.
Gradually, almost all one’s earlier, larger aspirations take a hit, perhaps a very large hit.
One encounters some of the intractable problems of intimate relationships. One suffers
the gap between one’s professional hopes and the available realities. One has a chance
to observe how slowly and fitfully the world ever alters in a positive direction.
One is fully inducted to the extent of human wickedness and folly – and to one’s own eccentricity,
selfishness and madness. And so, ‘little things’ start to seem somewhat different;
no longer a petty distraction from a mighty destiny, no longer an insult to ambition,
but a genuine pleasure amidst a litany of troubles, an invitation to bracket anxieties
and keep self-criticism at bay, a small resting place for hope in a sea of disappointment.
We appreciate the slice of toast, the friendly encounter, the long hot bath, the spring morning
– and properly keep in mind how much worse it could, and probably will one day, be.
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感激生命中的小確幸有多重要? (Feeling Grateful for the Small Things)

8911 分類 收藏
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1obsess about0:07
obsess about (ph.) 是「迷戀、執著於」的意思,用法和意思等同於 be obsessed with。注意 obsess 的拼法和 obese (肥胖的) 不同喔!
Don't obsess about your weight! Being healthy is all that matters.

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2be concerned about0:58
be concerned about (ph.) 即「使擔心、使關心」的意思,因為是被動用法,所以若是指自己擔心 (關心) 某人事物的話,要說:I'm concerned about sb. / sth.,或是可以用虛主詞 it 當開頭:It concerns me that + 句子。
Some first-borns think that their parents are more concerned about the youngest.

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aspiration (n.) 就是「志向、抱負」之意。aspiration 和 goal 的感覺有點不一樣,aspiration 是指想做某事物,或成為某人的憧憬,而比較沒有實際規劃;goal 則屬於有目標性的詞,即為達到目的而付出努力的意味。
Having aspirations can do no harm to you — it can only make your life more delightful.

創意的力量 (RSA Shorts - The Power to Create)

intractable (adj.) 「難駕馭、對付」的意思,反義詞即 tractable。
For some countries like France, the overwhelming number of immigrants has become an intractable problem.

5petty 1:55
petty (adj.) 當「瑣碎、不重要的」的意思時,意同 trivial、insignificant;而 petty 另外還有「心胸狹窄」之意。
He's cynical and complains about petty things all the time. No wonder he has no friends.

小 V 覺得在天晴的時候出去曬個太陽,雨天時在家聽雨聲,都是很放鬆又幸福的事唷!不知道你們有那些小確幸呢?

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