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Admit it: You've pretended to need another BILLY bookcase for the sole purpose of loading up on some Swedish meatballs.
As it turns out, that was all part of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad's master plan, way back when the first store opened in 1958.
He figured well-fed customers would increase sales - and boy, was he was right.
Even today, the meatballs are referred to as "the best sofa-seller."
But what makes this furniture-store-turned-foodie-favorite tick?
Here's the untold truth of the IKEA food court.
Affordable snacking
It's hard to beat the food prices at IKEA
and those dirt cheap meals are all part of the design.
Gerd Diewald who runs IKEA's food operations in the U.S., told Fast Company,
"When you feed [customers], they stay longer, they can talk about their [potential] purchases,
and they make a decision without leaving the store."
And this theory works.
650 million hungry furniture shoppers are spending almost $2 billion a year in IKEA's food court.
Not exactly Swedish
Spoiler alert: those "Swedish" meatballs aren't actually Swedish.
In April 2018, the country of Sweden came clean, tweeting: "Swedish meatballs are actually based on a recipe King Charles the twelfth brought home from Turkey in the early 18th century.
Let's stick to the facts!"
While some fans lamented that their "whole life had been a lie," others wanted to know about those lingonberries.
The official word?
"They don't grow in Sweden exclusively. But lingonberry jam accompanying meatballs is damn near as Swedish as it gets!"
The rest of the menu is about 50 percent Scandinavian, according to Fast Company, with items tailored to specific markets.
Not your grandma's hamburger
Over the years, IKEA has listened to customers' desires for more plant-based options:
In 2015 they introduced a vegan version of their iconic meatballs, and in early 2019 they'll be rolling out vegan hot dogs in the U.S. stores.
But they have some other truly innovative items in the works.
Space10, IKEA's external innovation lab, is setting out to create sustainable "fast food of the future."
And among that futuristic food is the Bug Burger, made of ground mealworm, parsnip, beetroot, and potato; the Dogless Hotdog, made of veggies and nestled in a green spirulina bun;
and the Neatball - another chance to get your mealworm protein fix.
Unfortunately, you might have to wait a while to try these tasty treats.
A Space10 rep told Esquire,
"This project is limited to culinary research, and there are no current plans to put these dishes on IKEA's menu."
Meatball pop-up?
A staggering 30 percent of IKEA customers come to the store just for the food.
And seeing an opportunity to reach more dining-only customers, in 2017 the company tested several
stand-alone pop-up restaurants in major cities where a traditional store just wouldn't work.
Michael La Cour, IKEA Food's managing director, told Fast Company, "I firmly believe there is potential.
I hope in a few years our customers will be saying, 'IKEA is a great place to eat - and, by the way, they also sell some furniture.'"
As of 2018, IKEA has no solid plans for a restaurant roll-out.
But here's hoping we don't have to assemble our own take-out containers when it finally happens.



IKEA 美食區沒告訴你的秘密 (The Truth About The IKEA Food Court)

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HsiangLanLee 發佈於 2018 年 10 月 1 日    HsiangLanLee 翻譯    Evangeline 審核


你喜歡逛 IKEA 嗎?小 V 很喜歡和朋友一起去逛 IKEA ,不過很多時候都是為了美食區的霜淇淋還有販賣部的巧克力才去的,看家具試坐沙發只是順帶走馬看花哈哈哈!不過那麼多連鎖家具店中,為什麼就 IKEA 特別推出美食區呢?其實那背後是有很多道理的,來一探究竟吧!

spoil 一詞意思為「寵愛、溺愛、糟蹋、破壞 (ruin)、使變質」,作為名詞時還有「戰利品 (booty)」的意思,片中 spoiler 則是指「劇透」。延伸補充還有:spoilage (損壞物、印壞的廢紙、腐壞的食物) 、 spoilsport (掃興鬼) 。
Stop giving the boy whatever he wants, otherwise you'll spoil him!

The typhoon totally spoils our plan for the weekend.

She's such a spoilsport that she always complains about everything.

spoil for 這個動詞片語則是「渴望想做某事」,意思同於 eager for、crave for 。
That man is clearly spoiling for a fight, so you better not to talk to him right now.

2stick to1:09
stick to something 也是一個動詞片語,可以拿來描述「秉持 (原先計劃、原則) 、 忠於 (事實) 」,stick to someone 則是「跟緊 / 追隨某人」。
Once we sign the contract, we'll need to stick to the rules in it.

It is essential to stick to the facts when writing a news report.

自我覺察:認識你自己 - 蓋瑞‧范納洽 (Self-Awareness: Know Yourself: Gary Vaynerchuk)

lament 作為動詞時可代表「哀嘆、哀悼 (mourn) 、感到悲痛 (grieve) 、痛哭」,作為名詞時可代表「輓歌」;lamentable 則是它的形容詞形態,意思是「可悲的、令人遺憾的」。
It's lamentable that my favorite brand of juice from my childhood is no longer on the market in Taiwan.
遺憾的是,我童年最愛的果汁品牌已經不在台灣市面上了。(指的是 Qoo!)

布宜諾斯艾利斯度假旅遊指南 (Buenos Aires Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia)

futuristic 意思是「未來風的、未來主義的」,或是也可以用來形容「現代化的」,總之就是很先進的意思哦!不難發現它就是由 future (未來) 加上字尾 -istic (...主義,相當於字尾 -ism) 所組成的字。
This manufacturer endeavors to produce futuristic products such as maglev automobiles.

【TED-Ed】如何建構一個奇幻世界 (How to build a fictional world - Kate Messner)

5culinary 2:15
culinary 是指「廚房的、烹飪的、烹調用的」,它源自於拉丁字 culinarius ,這個字本身意思就是「和廚房有關的」。補充用法有:culinary delights (美食珍饈) 、culinary school (烹飪學校) 、 culinary skill (烹飪技巧) 、 culinary tool (烹飪工具,同 kitchen utensil) 。
Le Cordon Bleu is one of the most renowned culinary schools worldwide.

為什麼我們要吃腐敗的食物?(Why Do We Eat Spoiled Food?)

看完就覺得好想逛 IKEA !真不知道如果那些蟲蟲餐點有一天上市了會銷售得如何呢?你會想試試那些高蛋白料理嗎?小 V 倒是對片中那個蟲蟲奶油泡芙有些感興趣!

文/ April Lu




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